FabFitFun Winter Box 2017 + NEW Editor's Box & COUPON

Looking for a new subscription addiction? Well, look no further!

I received my Winter Box a few weeks ago and I HAD to do an unboxing with you guys! Here's the FULL Video:

This box’s total value is: $380

Every box is valued at $200+; and for only $49.99 per quarter, you can’t beat that!!!

This Winter's box was so LIT, it is now SOLD OUT!


But fear not, as the NEW Editor's Box is HERE!!!

This box is jam packed with some of the editor's brands and a few customer favs!

I hope you enjoyed my review on FabFitFun’s Winter Box! If you want to subscribe to FabFitFun, click HERE! Also use code ‘TENOFF’ to get $10 OFF your first box!




FabFitFun Editor's Box + COUPON

Hey Chics!

As you know, I’m OBSESSED with FabFitFun’s subscription boxes, and I was torn when I found out that I missed out on the 2017 Fall Box!!!

I am relieved that there was another box in the mix to makeup for the Fall Boxes being sold out: That box is the Editor’s Box!

After they announced this box, I knew I had to get my hands on it right away, so I hopped online, bought the box, and here we are…


So, what’s in the box?


  1. Sterling Forever, 2. MyTagAlongs, 3. Purlisse, 4. Spongelle, 5. Anderson Lilly, 6. Marrakesh, 7. Salted, 8. Summer&Rose, 9. RealHer


Check out my Unboxing video HERE


This box’s total value is: $323

Every box is valued at $200+; and for only $49.99 per quarter, you can’t beat that!!!



The Sterling Forever Wishbone Necklace ($58) is very beautiful, and adds a nice touch to any outfit (and a hint of luck)!

The MyTagAlongs High Speed Skipping Rope ($15) is the perfect addition to my workout bag, and it works very well! It has rekindled my love for jump roping!

The Purlisse Treatment Sheet Masks ($36) literally leave my skin feeling so soft and smooth! I definitely recommend these!

The Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer in French Lavender ($16) is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! I am obsessed with Spongelle, and I jump for joy every time I get one in a box! -Literally

The Anderson Lilly Dry Body Oil in Manhattan Beach ($38) is a definite favorite of mine as I own the body lotion from FabFitFun’s last fall box! This is the perfect duo!

The Marrakesh X Leave-in Treatment & Detangler ($18) is definitely a lifesaver for my hair since I recently bleached it to platinum blonde. So the extra hydration is much appreciated!

The Salted Himalayan Pink Salt Kit ($26) is such a cool idea! I love having my own Himalayan Pink Salt rock with it’s very own grater stand! Did I mention it’s very good? :)

The Summer & Rose Foldover Clutch in Black ($68) has to be my favorite out of this entire box! The bag is too adorable, and I will be rocking this for special occasions!

The REALHER Lip Kit in Deep Red is so cute! The red fits my coplextion very well, and goes perfectly with my blonde hair! I enjoy using these products for my ’Natural Eye, Bold Lip’ look!


I hope you enjoyed my review on FabFitFun’s Editor’s Box! If you want to subscribe to FabFitFun, click HERE! Also use code ‘SAVTEN’ to get $10 OFF your first box!




Unlimited Jewelry!? YES, PLEASE! - Rocksbox

Hey Chicsters!

Now, you know we've been down this road, BUT...

Who Doesn't LOVE a good subscription box!?

This one in particular, I don't talk about a lot, but THAT IS GOING TO CHANGE!

I LOVE getting new designer jewelry in the mail monthly from Rocksbox! It's so EASY:

  1. Pick your favs & Add them to your wish list
  2. Receive your favorite pieces in the mail via your stylist
  3. Where them for as long as you want
  4. Buy what you love, Send the others back
  5. Get MORE designer jewelry
  6. REPEAT!

I love the whole "Try before you Buy" aspect of it, because there is no pressure when it comes to this box. I can send every single piece back if I want! I get unlimited designer jewelry every month for $21/month, and it's totally worth every penny!

I not only get designer jewelry, but I get my own personal stylist who sends me specific jewelry types based on my personality. I can tell her that I have a special occasion coming up, and I need statement jewelry, and she will find the perfect pieces for my event! Isn't that neat!? I can also review each piece I received and tell my stylist what I liked and disliked about it (and send them a photo as well).

Another great thing about this program is the Shine Credit. Every month, I receive $21 in Shine Credit towards my purchase of any items in my box (this cannot be used for sale items)! I also get a lovely discount if I decide to purchase the entire set I was sent! It is quite the deal (and quite tempting)!

Here's my set from the month of July:

  Rudiment - Alcatraz Hoops in Gold    Perry Street - Mila Stacking Rings    Kendra Scott - Elisa Necklace in Gold Dusted Glass

Rudiment - Alcatraz Hoops in Gold

Perry Street - Mila Stacking Rings

Kendra Scott - Elisa Necklace in Gold Dusted Glass


Guess what I decided to purchase....


The Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace in Gold Dusted Glass stood out to me the most as it fits EVERY occasion! This Gem is perfect for work and play! ;)

Thanks to inviting my friend to get her first month FREE, I was able to get more credit towards my purchase, and I paid a WHOPPING $4 for this $50 necklace!

Yes, you heard me right... $4...

Don't miss out on this awesome subscription box and all it has to offer! Sign up Here!

Also get your first month FREE using my code: 'MARTIKABRIANNEXOXO' :)

Let me know what you think about this box!




New Year, New You, New Subscription Boxes!

Looking for a new box to start the new year off right?! FabFitFun has amazing seasonal boxes that'll cover your seasonal must-haves plus extra add-on perks!

Here's my latest review of FabFitFun's Winter 2016 Box:


Wanna join FabFitFun!? Click HERE!!



What's in My Box!? - FabFitFun Fall Box 2016

It's that time of year again when NEW Fall trends are flooding the internet, and everyone wants to get in on the latest products! There are many subscription boxes that have the latest products, but most are sample-sized. Wouldn't it be amazing to have a subscription box that has Full-Sized products!? Well, FabFitFun does! 

FabFitFun hand-picks new, hip, and trending products for their seasonal subscription box! We here at Peace. Love. Chic. loved the Summer Box so much, we had to rave about the Fall Box!! Check out the Unboxing video Below:

Product Run-Down:



Bulgarian Rose Body Wash Infused Buffer


Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette


Toeless Fitness Socks


Restoring Night Serum


Loch and Key Scarf


Mini French Lavender Body Oil


To-Go Coffee Mug


Clear, Water-Resistant Eyebrow Gel


Coloring Book & Colored Pencils


Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths


Outlast Xtend Clear Gel Deodorant

Want the FabFitFun Fall 2016 Box? Get it HERE!!

Influenster - VoxBoxes!? Free Stuff!? How I Got Started and Why You should Join!

Many of my viewers often see me with these cute boxes full of amazing items and ask me: "How do you get all of this stuff!?" I tell them: "I'm an Influenster!" (A WHO)!?!?!? "And those are my VoxBoxes!" (A WHA)!?!? - I'm here to share how I get these VoxBoxes and Virtual Voxes, and how you can, too!! 

For those of you who do not know about Influenster:

 Influenster is a Business to Consumer company that gives us a community to browse and review products to help and inspire others. Influenster also has daily blog articles of the latest trends, news in fashion, makeup tutorials, and life hacks; so if you have a question about something, somebody in the community definitely has an answer! Not only do you get to browse and review products, but you can compare prices, create your favorite lists, and redeem coupons! Did I also mention that you have the opportunity to Test FREE Products and WIN Prizes!?!?!?

YES, Guys & Gals!! I said: "FREE STUFF!!" I know it sounds too good to be true, but it isn't! There is no catch whatsoever! I have been an Influenster for over a year now, and this is no joke. All Influenster asks in return is for your honest opinion of the products (Luxury or Drugstore) in the surveys so that you can keep being qualified for more free stuff! But Influenster is more than just a one stop free product shop. This sole purpose is to connect businesses to the general public to test out new products so that they can get honest feedback as well as exposure for their brand. 

Here's a list of a few brands that have collaborated with Influenster to give over thousands of free VoxBoxes to the community:

  • Kat Von D
  • Simple Skincare
  • L'Oreal Paris
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Kerestase
  • POLO Ralph Lauren

Some of these names sound familiar? Good! You can also win badges for the brands you are reviewing in the campaign by utilizing social media and going the extra mile to make a Facebook post about it or Snap a Selfie on Snapchat with it, and much more, which makes reviewing those products that much more fun!

I mean... Who wouldn't want to record themselves trying out the latest makeup that hasn't even hit the shelves yet!? 😍

Have I gotten your attention? GOOD!! If you love constantly being in the loop on the hottest trends, obsess over makeup tutorials, like writing about products you love/hate, or just want to test products for free; then this is the place for you!! It's definitely home for me!


**Be sure to connect your Facebook when signing up!**

NOTE: The higher your influence score, the better your chances are of winning prizes and receiving more VoxBoxes!!

 Influenster - Simple Skincare VoxBox #SimpleSkincare #contest

Influenster - Simple Skincare VoxBox #SimpleSkincare #contest

 Influenster - L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil VoxBox #ExtraordinaryHair

Influenster - L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil VoxBox #ExtraordinaryHair

 Influenster - Kerestase VoxBox

Influenster - Kerestase VoxBox

 Influenster - ZzzQuil VoxBox #SleepLovers

Influenster - ZzzQuil VoxBox #SleepLovers

 Influenster SinfulColors Kylie Jenner Satin Nail Polish "Kashmere" Virtual Vox #sckjsatin

Influenster SinfulColors Kylie Jenner Satin Nail Polish "Kashmere" Virtual Vox #sckjsatin

 Influenster - COVERGIRL VoxBox #truNAKED #Plumpify #OhSugar

Influenster - COVERGIRL VoxBox #truNAKED #Plumpify #OhSugar

 Influenster - Homecoming VoxBox

Influenster - Homecoming VoxBox

COVERGIRL #VoxBox from Influenster - Review

Here's my honest review of the COVERGIRL products! NOTE:  I received these products from Influenster, and all opinions are my own.


COVERGIRL truNAKED Rose Shadow Palette

This was my first time using the palette, and I personally like these colors! I like the versatility with the soft colors and the shimmery ones. My biggest expectation was to be able to do a light smokey eye with this palette, and I have achieved it!  





COVERGIRL Plumpify Mascara by BlastPRO

Honestly, I am a bit confused on how the wand is constructed lol, but it did give me some thickness, which I liked! I definitely need to do some more playing around with this mascara to truly understand it.




COVERGIRL OhSugar! Lip Balm

I felt that my caramel color they gave me had no pigment really. I feel like it's more of a gloss, and I don't really like glosses, so this item was not my favorite. 






Below is my makeup tutorial video with me using these products! Make sure to show it some love!!