Top 3 Best Apps for Ordering Groceries

First there’s meal delivery, then there’s grocery delivery! We truly live in a generation where technology has come so far (and so has our level of laziness), that we can order our ingredients for our favorite meals from the palm of our hands with the touch of a button!

Remember when I said the average grocery shopping trip is 41 minutes? (That doesn’t even include the time it takes to get in your car, drive to the grocery store, load the car, drive back home, and unload the car. So, you’re looking at practically 2 - hours of pure dedication to grocery shopping per trip)!

Well, now you can have someone do the grocery shopping for you, deliver it to you, and you’re all set! Whether you prefer fresh ingredients from Meal Subscription Boxes delivered weekly, or fresh ingredients delivered from your local grocery store same day, just know - “There’s an app for that!”

Below are the top 3 best apps for grocery shopping:


How It Works: Download the Instacart App. Instacart uses local shoppers to gather

groceries from a variety of grocery stores in your area.

Pricing: 1st delivery is FREE (You can also get $10 towards your first order HERE)!

Then, the fee goes up to $5.99 - $9.99 depending on how soon you want your delivery.

For free deliveries on all orders above $35, you can sign up for a

14-Day Free Trial HERE followed by an annual subscription of $99/yr.


How It Works: Download the Shipt App. Select your store and the groceries you need, then checkout.

Within an hour or so, you’ll receive fresh, hand-picked groceries at your door.

Pricing: The membership fee is $100/yr or $14/mo, and customers get free

shipping on orders $35 or more. Otherwise, it’s a $7 delivery fee.

Save $50 on your Annual Membership Fee HERE!


How It Works: Download the Amazon Prime Now App. Select groceries from the store of your choice and checkout.

Pricing: This is included in the Amazon Prime membership fee of $100/yr with a 30-Day Free Trial,

or $50/yr for students with a 6-Month Free Trial. Customers can get free

two-hour deliveries with a $20 min. order, or expedited one-hour deliveries for an additional $8 fee.

Try Amazon Prime FREE for 30-Days HERE!

Try Amazon Prime Student FREE for 6-Months HERE!


What’s your favorite app?

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