FabFitFun Editor's Box + COUPON

Hey Chics!

As you know, I’m OBSESSED with FabFitFun’s subscription boxes, and I was torn when I found out that I missed out on the 2017 Fall Box!!!

I am relieved that there was another box in the mix to makeup for the Fall Boxes being sold out: That box is the Editor’s Box!

After they announced this box, I knew I had to get my hands on it right away, so I hopped online, bought the box, and here we are…


So, what’s in the box?


  1. Sterling Forever, 2. MyTagAlongs, 3. Purlisse, 4. Spongelle, 5. Anderson Lilly, 6. Marrakesh, 7. Salted, 8. Summer&Rose, 9. RealHer


Check out my Unboxing video HERE


This box’s total value is: $323

Every box is valued at $200+; and for only $49.99 per quarter, you can’t beat that!!!



The Sterling Forever Wishbone Necklace ($58) is very beautiful, and adds a nice touch to any outfit (and a hint of luck)!

The MyTagAlongs High Speed Skipping Rope ($15) is the perfect addition to my workout bag, and it works very well! It has rekindled my love for jump roping!

The Purlisse Treatment Sheet Masks ($36) literally leave my skin feeling so soft and smooth! I definitely recommend these!

The Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer in French Lavender ($16) is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! I am obsessed with Spongelle, and I jump for joy every time I get one in a box! -Literally

The Anderson Lilly Dry Body Oil in Manhattan Beach ($38) is a definite favorite of mine as I own the body lotion from FabFitFun’s last fall box! This is the perfect duo!

The Marrakesh X Leave-in Treatment & Detangler ($18) is definitely a lifesaver for my hair since I recently bleached it to platinum blonde. So the extra hydration is much appreciated!

The Salted Himalayan Pink Salt Kit ($26) is such a cool idea! I love having my own Himalayan Pink Salt rock with it’s very own grater stand! Did I mention it’s very good? :)

The Summer & Rose Foldover Clutch in Black ($68) has to be my favorite out of this entire box! The bag is too adorable, and I will be rocking this for special occasions!

The REALHER Lip Kit in Deep Red is so cute! The red fits my coplextion very well, and goes perfectly with my blonde hair! I enjoy using these products for my ’Natural Eye, Bold Lip’ look!


I hope you enjoyed my review on FabFitFun’s Editor’s Box! If you want to subscribe to FabFitFun, click HERE! Also use code ‘SAVTEN’ to get $10 OFF your first box!