Meet The Pets!

Hey Chics!

You all really know me for my beauty posts, but I’m wanting to transition my blog more into lifestyle & fashion (don’t worry, there will still be plenty of beauty posts)!

I thought that I would start by introducing My and George’s Fur Babies:

Dali & Titus Boudreaux


Meet Dali.png

Dali is our miracle cat! We call him that because we saved him from the cold streets of New Jersey, but it was more like he saved us. While we were struggling trying to make a living and finish college, Dali was there every step of the way keeping us afloat mentally and emotionally. He was a sickly kitten in the beginning, but we quickly nursed him back to health. Ever since we took care of him, he took care of us.


Dali is now a spunky Tabby who loves feather cat toys (we call them his birdies)! He loves cuddles and playing Peek-a-Boo. He likes the outdoors sometimes (when he’s not being a scaredy cat that day). He also loves galloping across the house (Yes, I said gallop. His running is so cute)! He’s named after the famous artist, Salvador Dali, and he’s a well traveled cats as he’s Lived in New Jersey, Mississippi, and now Florida!


Meet Titus Boudreaux.png

I know your first thought was: “That’s a very Cajun name!” and I agree! We didn’t name him, though! We took Titus in after hearing that his former family would no longer be able to care for him. I have always wanted another dog, and we lucked out with not just a dog, but a PUG at that! We could tell his name fit him very well as he has quite the personality - that of royalty!


Titus is a tenacious pug who loves the outdoors and greeting every person (and dog) he sees! He loves chasing tennis balls and playing Tug-of-War with his favorite squeaky toy. He’s honestly one of the most active Pugs I’ve ever seen! When he’s done playing, he loves to nap and snore VERY loudly (Yes, I have recorded a snore video or two). He and Dali are the best brothers ever! They love playing a good game of tag and napping together afterwards (I’ve never seen a bond so adorable as theirs!