Perfect Fall Timepieces for Men & Women

JORD Wood Watches has by far the most intriguing and gorgeous luxury timepieces we've seen! Never tried a wooden watch? Well, here's your chance. Peace. Love. Chic. has chosen the Hottest luxury timepieces for Fall 2016!

FRANKIE SERIES - Zebrawood & Champagne


Ladies, meet Frankie! This is by far our most favorite luxury timepiece out of the FRANKIE SERIES. Because of the neutral tones, this gorgeous timepiece will go with any outfit for any occasion.

CORA SERIES - Zebrawood & Turquoise


Turn Down for What!?!? I sure wouldn't. Who could EVER resist this beautiful timepiece from the CORA SERIES with Swarovski crystals!? (We personally have this one, and it's lit)!



You guessed it! This elegant timepiece is made from our very own maplewood, which gives it a smooth cream color. All eyes will be on you with this eye-catching maple timepiece from the ELY SERIES!!

DOVER SERIES - Zebrawood & Dark Sandlewood


We can't forget about our men! There's nothing more intriguing than seeing this handsome timepiece in action, and now you can with the visible skeleton! You do not want to be caught without this on your wrist!

FRANKIE SERIES - Dark Sandlewood & Emerald


This one is by far our favorite luxury timepiece int the FRANKIE SERIES for men! The dark sandalwood sets the tone when picking out your ensemble for the evening. You can't go wrong with this as you will constantly be asked: "Where did you get that!?"



There is something about maple that is just elegant and gorgeous for both men and women! This luxury timepiece is perfect for the modern man who loves minimalist features!

What do you think about these luxury timepieces? Let us know in the comments below!