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Hey Chicsters!

Now, you know we've been down this road, BUT...

Who Doesn't LOVE a good subscription box!?

This one in particular, I don't talk about a lot, but THAT IS GOING TO CHANGE!

I LOVE getting new designer jewelry in the mail monthly from Rocksbox! It's so EASY:

  1. Pick your favs & Add them to your wish list
  2. Receive your favorite pieces in the mail via your stylist
  3. Where them for as long as you want
  4. Buy what you love, Send the others back
  5. Get MORE designer jewelry
  6. REPEAT!

I love the whole "Try before you Buy" aspect of it, because there is no pressure when it comes to this box. I can send every single piece back if I want! I get unlimited designer jewelry every month for $21/month, and it's totally worth every penny!

I not only get designer jewelry, but I get my own personal stylist who sends me specific jewelry types based on my personality. I can tell her that I have a special occasion coming up, and I need statement jewelry, and she will find the perfect pieces for my event! Isn't that neat!? I can also review each piece I received and tell my stylist what I liked and disliked about it (and send them a photo as well).

Another great thing about this program is the Shine Credit. Every month, I receive $21 in Shine Credit towards my purchase of any items in my box (this cannot be used for sale items)! I also get a lovely discount if I decide to purchase the entire set I was sent! It is quite the deal (and quite tempting)!

Here's my set from the month of July:

Rudiment - Alcatraz Hoops in Gold    Perry Street - Mila Stacking Rings    Kendra Scott - Elisa Necklace in Gold Dusted Glass

Rudiment - Alcatraz Hoops in Gold

Perry Street - Mila Stacking Rings

Kendra Scott - Elisa Necklace in Gold Dusted Glass


Guess what I decided to purchase....


The Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace in Gold Dusted Glass stood out to me the most as it fits EVERY occasion! This Gem is perfect for work and play! ;)

Thanks to inviting my friend to get her first month FREE, I was able to get more credit towards my purchase, and I paid a WHOPPING $4 for this $50 necklace!

Yes, you heard me right... $4...

Don't miss out on this awesome subscription box and all it has to offer! Sign up Here!

Also get your first month FREE using my code: 'MARTIKABRIANNEXOXO' :)

Let me know what you think about this box!




It's BOGO Week at Target!!

Hey Chicsters!

Tika here coming at cha with the Target BOGO Sale starting Today! ***Yes, TODAY!!!!*** This sale includes the following items, and will be going on until March 25, 2017!! So get out and go SHOPPING!!!! Or shop online, too!! :)


What are your favorite items to buy at Target? Let us know in the comments below!!






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