Sweater Weather - Set 1

Brrr.. It's cold outside! Finally, it's that time of year to break out the sweaters and order Pumpkin Spice Lattes! This is one of many sets to come :)



Shop Online, Pick Up In-Store! - Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts

Hey Chicsters!

Are you procrastinating to find that perfect gift for Mother's Day? Well, fear not! I have a few great Mother's Day gift ideas from Target that you can buy online and PICK UP In-Store!! No Shipping, No Hassle, No Problem. - I like the sound of that!

At Target, there are gifts for every type of mom! Below, you can shop by category:


Active Mom

Is your mother super active or looking into trying a new hobby? Well, shower her with these gifts that promote her health and wellness!


Fashion Mom

Does Mom love accessories? Mine sure does! Be sure to give her the latest trending jewelry accessories to show off on Mother's Day!!


Tech Mom

Is your mom all about that tech? **Sings** "I'm all about that tech, bout that tech, NO Flip Phones!" Yes, I went there.


Beauty Mom

What mother doesn't love beauty products!?!? Pamper her with these awesome products!

More awesome gifts for mom!!

Happy mother's day!!!!



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Victoria Beckham Collection Launches April 9th At Target + LookBook!

Hey Chicsters!


Victoria Beckham's NEW fashion collection launches at Target online and in-store Sunday, April 9th!!😱

I can tell you right now, I will be one of the first in line to get that Orange Scallop Tied-Waist Romper!!



Don't know what I'm talking about? Oh, I'll show you what I'm talking about:


You can find it HERE.

Her collection also includes apparel for: Women, Girls, Toddlers, and Babies

Here are a few other items from her lookbook:

What I love about her collection is how BOLD she is with it! She isn't afraid to use different patterns and colors. What I also love is how she is catering to Plus-Sized women in her fashion collection. Victoria Beckham's Collection is a definite Must-Have!

So CANCEL all of your plans for Sunday, and get to shopping!!



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The Bag That Does Everything!

This started out as a normal collaboration with So.Chi-O. I loved how this bag looked, and wanted to do a quick review on it. The only person that could fulfill this role other than myself was my wonderful boyfriend. His desperate need and equal adoration for a bag like this did not slip past my notice. I thought he would be an excellent "test subject" (Don't tell him I called him a test subject) for this review! So without any more fanfare, here is the rundown and our personal experience with this product:

1. The bag is comfortable

First off, the bag is incredibly soft on the back portion. The padding is exceptionally soft and the straps fit better than a lot of the big-name bags your would find in even bigger named stores. He can walk around with a laptop, game systems, art supplies, charging cables, and just about anything else without much of any impediment! The bag is not bulky, it is actually sleek, and it just has this natural fit to your body.

2. The amount of space is staggering

When we first opened this bag, we were taken aback by the amount of pouches, zippers, compartments, and hidden compartments. It was incredible. To say that you have no room for something would be an absolute lie because chances are there are places I am almost positive that we haven't discovered yet. It has specified room for a laptop, a tablet, phones, school supplies and it also has unspecified room for things like gaming systems charging cables, and just generally anything you can think of that would fit. Like I said, It's staggering!

3. This bag is built for city living

All of those compartments and all of that comfort translate to one thing: You are going to be walking around with this thing a lot! If that's the case, you better hope that it is built to last. Well friends, let me tell you that we have a bag that is built like Tungsten (Not literally, but it's close)! The straps are incredibly tough, and can handle an awful lot of weight and jostling in any city setting. Speaking of city-living, backpacks = big money for pickpockets. This bag has an amazing security feature where the bag itself flaps around the zipper and actually conceals the entire zipper line. It's unbelievably safe. The zippers are HUGE and are apparently built to last. They are not like your conventional, off-the-press tiny zipper. These things were built with locks in mind, and you can feel it every time you open the bag. Let's just say the bag won't be ripping or tearing (or getting snatched) anytime soon! An additional plus is one of the compartments contains a backpack rain bag! Who would've known? A rain cover for your backpack!

4. The bag is sexy as hell

The bag's exterior has a unique look: It's ULTRA modern. (I've used the word before, but I can't help it) IT IS SLEEK!! The variant that we have is black and silver and is accented with the So.Chi-O logo in white and another in red and white. The straps are the perfect width. They are not too wide, and the stitching is amazing. To top it off, the straps have these really cool parachute pulls that make the straps look that much more modern. Let's move into the interior! The interior is a mix of padding and "oxford material" pouches and compartments all of which are incredibly organized. Beyond that, you can't really say much for an all black (and slightly blue) interior build. Suffice it to say, it compliments the exterior in an exceptional way.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the experience we have had with this bag, was one of a need being met: My boyfriend needed a bag, and this bag went above and beyond its desired intent. Not only is it a gorgeous bag inside and out, it is also an incredibly functional and well built bag. It fulfills all of the needs that my boyfriend has and carries what he needs on a daily basis. Trust me. You NEED to get this bag. It's affordable and it does what it says it does. What else could you ask for?

What are your thoughts on this bag? Let us know in the comments below!




It's BOGO Week at Target!!

Hey Chicsters!

Tika here coming at cha with the Target BOGO Sale starting Today! ***Yes, TODAY!!!!*** This sale includes the following items, and will be going on until March 25, 2017!! So get out and go SHOPPING!!!! Or shop online, too!! :)


What are your favorite items to buy at Target? Let us know in the comments below!!






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Perfect Fall Timepieces for Men & Women

JORD Wood Watches has by far the most intriguing and gorgeous luxury timepieces we've seen! Never tried a wooden watch? Well, here's your chance. Peace. Love. Chic. has chosen the Hottest luxury timepieces for Fall 2016!

FRANKIE SERIES - Zebrawood & Champagne


Ladies, meet Frankie! This is by far our most favorite luxury timepiece out of the FRANKIE SERIES. Because of the neutral tones, this gorgeous timepiece will go with any outfit for any occasion.

CORA SERIES - Zebrawood & Turquoise


Turn Down for What!?!? I sure wouldn't. Who could EVER resist this beautiful timepiece from the CORA SERIES with Swarovski crystals!? (We personally have this one, and it's lit)!



You guessed it! This elegant timepiece is made from our very own maplewood, which gives it a smooth cream color. All eyes will be on you with this eye-catching maple timepiece from the ELY SERIES!!

DOVER SERIES - Zebrawood & Dark Sandlewood


We can't forget about our men! There's nothing more intriguing than seeing this handsome timepiece in action, and now you can with the visible skeleton! You do not want to be caught without this on your wrist!

FRANKIE SERIES - Dark Sandlewood & Emerald


This one is by far our favorite luxury timepiece int the FRANKIE SERIES for men! The dark sandalwood sets the tone when picking out your ensemble for the evening. You can't go wrong with this as you will constantly be asked: "Where did you get that!?"



There is something about maple that is just elegant and gorgeous for both men and women! This luxury timepiece is perfect for the modern man who loves minimalist features!

What do you think about these luxury timepieces? Let us know in the comments below!

Face Shapes - What Type of Shades Should You Wear?

It's time to let the sun shine!

So what does your face shape say about the type of sunglasses you should wear? - Let's find out!

If your face is...

Any shape! Make sure to avoid very extreme rounded, curved, or angular sunglasses. Also, think deeper rather than wider.


Instead of wearing wider sunglasses, try deeper ones. Also, avoid sharp geometric shaped frames since you already have a strong facial structure.

Since your face already has a strong structure, wear slightly curved and rounded frames to avoid harshness.


Squarer frames work best with your proportions.


Top-heavy Frames and Teardrop Lenses are great as well as square, angular frames with deep lenses.

Any shape works for your face as long as your frames are at  least as wide your face is at its widest point.

Aviators, or Square, angular frames are perfect for you!

I hope you enjoyed this fun and informative blog post! Now, get to shopping on those perfect shades for the Spring/Summer weather!!

Until Next Time...



Best Winter Boot

I have been looking for a boot that is comfortable, high performing in snow and rain, and most important, STYLISH! Let's just say I wanted that Timberland style without the Timberland price (and if you like style, then you know what I mean). I have found just that! (I was fortunate enough to purchase these boots deeply discounted in return for my honest review). 

These babies can be found on AMAZON!! I ordered the grey lace up zipper hiking inspired ankle boot booty. They have done so well, with rain and snow (as you can see in the photos below)! Did I mention they're only $25 (or $32 depending on the color)!?!?!?!?!?!??



 Walking to school

Walking to school

These boots have non-skid soles and cushioned footbeds, and they're available in more colors!!

 NAVY $25

NAVY $25

 BLACK $32


 CAMEL $32


And there you have it! A cheap/stylish shoe perfect for any type weather! What are your favorite boots??

Until Next Time....




Alright! Here's another giveaway for you!

Suuchi is a made-to-order custom clothing company that fits clothing to your size and shape. Did I mention it's affordable!? Yes, you can get that luxury custom-made clothing feel without the luxury custom-made clothing price!

I had the pleasure of receiving a custom scarf from Suuchi complimentary for my honest review, and I adore my scarf, so we teamed up to do a giveaway!! Now, one of you Lucky Winners will receive a custom made scarf of your choice!!!! I hope you're just as excited about this giveaway as I am!

Below, is the giveaway signup! Let's begin!

Happy giveaway!

Until Next Time...