How to Start a Beauty Blog

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Starting a beauty blog is a great idea, especially if this is your passion. There are many successful beauty bloggers who are not only expressing themselves but are also earning good money. You can be one of them too if you work hard and have patience.

There are two things that you need to do before starting a beauty blog:

1.    Choose a niche

You must choose what you want to write about. You may start a blog about makeup, hairstyles, or different beauty products. You need to be clear on what you want to write and choose a niche that you can relate to. Just make sure that you don’t choose a more general topic about which there are already tons of blogs. Your first priority should be to write about something new and unique that will help your blog in getting good traffic.

2.    Get the required materials

Before starting a blog you need to know what material or equipment is required. You definitely need a good camera to post pictures or videos. It can also help you if you decide to make tutorial videos. You also need editing software. You need it for editing and resizing your photos or even to make them look more professional.

How to start a beauty blog

The first thing you need for starting a blog is to select a platform. There are many blogging platforms like WordPress, WIX, and Tumblr, etc. But, we suggest It’s the biggest blogging platform in the world. You can also buy your own domain name but this process is really difficult.

Here are some steps that you can follow to create a WordPress blog:

Step 1: Sign up for web hosting

You first need to choose a hosting provider, and most people recommend Bluehost. So, first open up BlueHost and click the “get started now” button.

Step 2: Select a hosting plan

Next, you need to choose a hosting plan. There are 3 plans from which you can choose: Basic, Plus, and Choice Plus.

Step 3: Select a domain name

Then you need to enter the domain name. Choosing a domain name is the most fun part of the whole process but equally important. Your domain name should be unique and beauty-related. People will know you by your blog name, so be creative and make sure it depicts what’s inside. And also make sure that it’s easy to remember so people can talk about it with their friends or family as well.

Step 4: Complete the registration

Now, you need to enter your account information and then you have to complete the package information. You can select, for how many years you want to purchase the service. The hosting price will be according to your account plan. Then, you have to click on “SUBMIT” to complete the registration.

Step 5: Install WordPress

You have to install the WordPress software to create a WordPress blog. Follow these steps to install WordPress:

·        Go to your BlueHost account.

·        Click on cPanel.

·        Click on the “Install WordPress” icon.

·        Click on the Get Started button.

·        Now you need to choose your domain and then click “Check Domain”.

·        Now you need to enter a little info about your blog and click “Install Now”.

Now, you are ready to start your blog!

How to Use Instagram Stories to Grow Your Business

Here’s the Deal:

You know have the perfect niche brand/service for your target market. You have been working countless days and nights to create not only a well-developed website but an Instagram account that fits your brand's aesthetic and voice.

Yet, something is still missing - building brand awareness and engagement on Instagram.

Fear not! You can take your business to the next level by leveraging Instagram Stories with these seven simple, creative tips:

1.) Behind the Scenes Footage

Show your followers a day in the life of your business. They will love the feeling of seeing exclusive footage of the day-to-day process. They will also get to see more of YOU; they want to see the human side of your business.

2.) Sneak Peaks

If you have an announcement to make or a brand-new product launch, you can provide your followers with teasers to get them hyped before the launch!



3.) Collaborations

Instagram Stories are a great and fun way for brands to collaborate with influencers. This method is called the 'Instagram Takeover' where a brand selects an influencer to take over their account and create content for 24 hours. This is a very popular form of influencer marketing. (2).gif

4.) Polls

Do you need immediate feedback on a product or idea? Use polls in your Instagram Stories to collect the data for feedback and market research. Kiss those old, boring surveys goodbye!

5.) Location and Hashtag Stickers

By using relevant hashtags, or putting yourself on the map (literally), you will increase your discovery and receive more engagement on your Instagram Stories. For Example, add a Tampa, FL sticker to your post, and your post will appear in a Tampa, FL community story along with other users who used that sticker. The same applies to the hashtag stickers.


6.) Live

Instagram Live is currently the most popular feature for driving engagement. It is best to prepare live content ahead of time and promote to your followers when you will be going live. There are endless, creative ways to use this tool from hosting giveaways, product events, Q&A's, and much more.

Pro Tip: When you go live, your feed is automatically bumped to the top in front of regular Instagram Stories on their conveyor belt!

7.) Links

Sadly, this feature is only available for business pages with 10,000 or more followers. If your business does not have access to this feature, repeat tips #1 through #6 until you get there because you will! If your business has access to this feature, you can add any outside links (including affiliate links) for the perfect Call-to-Action for your followers to swipe up i.e. "BOOK NOW" or "SHOP NOW."


Final Thoughts

The list goes on and on, but these top seven tips are the foundation for genuine relationship building with your followers. With over 400 Million people on Instagram Stories daily, there's no doubt this is a very lucrative market. So, I highly recommend leveraging Instagram Stories in your marketing strategy to maximize growth, plus you get to incorporate creativity and have fun in the process.