Throwing Shade

Throwing Shade   


Summertime is finally here to stay, and with the weather in the high 90’s in places; now is the perfect time to make sure that you have the best looking sunglasses and your shade game is covered. But don’t be caught in just any old sunglasses - since accessories have been known to make or break an outfit, here are some trusted online-only companies that make and sell the best quality shades at the most affordable prices:  

The first website is definitely ranked #1:

Sunglass Spot -

This website carries the most fashionable sunglasses by far with over more than a hundred sunglass selections to choose from, plus a variety of styles starting at the affordable price of $5.00! The quality is amazing, and with their designer inspired glasses; this website is definitely shade game APPROVED✅. You’re bound to set off any outfit and turn heads with the lovely shades they have to purchase.

The next website you should check out would be:

ShopMissA -

Now don’t be fooled though. This company may have a small variety to choose from, but what they lack in quantity they make up for in price and quality. All the sunglasses on this website are only $1.00, and they add new merchandise to the site daily. Not to mention they also offer other amazing accessories and cosmetics for $1.00 as well. I rate them shade game APPROVED✅.

This next website has started a new shade coverage game, which will make sure you are covered all year long with their monthly subscription boxes.

Sol Theory -

Sol Theory is a new subscription box which offers a monthly package of sunglasses and accessory coverage. This unique subscription has a variety of subscription packages, and they range from $12.99- $26.99. So if you are a sunglass junkie, this is the perfect option to fulfill your sunglass needs. They have also been generous enough to offer a promo code for our wonderful readers to use in order to save 20% off of their first box!! The promo code is: DIVINEKEAH

The sunglasses on these websites are absolutely recommendable and trustworthy to make sure you can block sun every day!

Interested in seeing a sunglass collection from these listed brands?

Check out this YouTube video of me blocking the sun with my unique, affordable sun blockers: