Spotify & Chill : Music Provided

"One good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain." ~ Bob Marley




Music is spoken by every language. When it comes to songs that most people listen to, everything is pretty much universal. Sometimes music can be the reason that people click, vibe, connect. Picture this laying across a car (Lawn , Concrete, Whatever you prefer) earbuds in your head while listening to your favorite song. Everything looks so different (depending on what you're listening to). For me everything seems so enchanted, or majestic somehow.


Most of the music that I listen to is pretty much chill, indie music. If you are not familiar with Indie Music, here's a definition according to wikipedia "Independent music (often shortened to indie music or indie) is music produced independently from major commercial record labels or their subsidiaries, a process that may include an autonomous, do-it-yourself approach to recording and publishing." Most of my days are spent working of course , but usually spent in some book in a far off land with this type of music in my ear. Take a look into my world of Indie Music .


1)Alina Baraz  is from Cleveland, Ohio, but now resides in Los Angeles. She teamed up with Galimtias, a danish producer (you'll hear more about him later). Mixing these two together was a musical masterpiece. They've created what I know call my safe haven but known to others as "Paradise." My favorite songs are Maybe, Show Me, Can I, & Pretty Thoughts. Really the list goes on but I didn't want this to be too long. Once you listen to her voice , you will definitely understand what I mean by you can't really narrow down your favorites.


2) Galimatias -  First and foremost, let's introduce him by his name "Matias Saabye Køedt" . This Denmark born electronic music producer + artist literally has a genre of his own . His music is something that I would probably hear in a nice coffee shop with the lights dimmed really low while someone is spitting an outrageously intense poem . My favorites are Voyage Mix .02 (not really sure if it's a song but it's on soundcloud), Ocean Floor Kisses , Atlantis , To the Moon and Beyond ('You'll notice this actually "Drift" )


3) James Blake - (There's a article surfacing that James Blake thinks that Frank Ocean's new album is better than "Channel Orange" o.O what Frank Ocean has new music). James Blake is from Enfield , London , England . Growing up on music legends like D'Angelo & Stevie Wonder, James Blake's music as a certain Soul, R&B, Gospel Feel. His voice is that of Sam Smith, if you listen pretty hard. Their notes are similar but the music is so different .(maybe they could be brothers, or distant cousins) Retrograde, Life Round Here (With Chance the Rapper), The Wilhelm Scream, Love What Happened Here.


4) Frank Ocean - 28 year old Mr.Christopher Edwin Breux, well-known for his crazy disappearing act, his open letter via Tumblr, and much much more. His music has hit the hearts of all. When I first heard "Novacane," I was not a fan but, he began producing music that my ears became more involved and addicted to. Fans every day seem to post about "when is Frank Ocean coming back" or "Frank Ocean needs a new album." Frank Ocean's last song to be released seems like forever ago. "fingers crossed." James blake knew what he was talking about, is a new album on the way. Here are a few ofmy Favorite Songs : American Wedding, Without you (with another great artist Stacy Barthe), miss you so much, thinking about you, pink matter, there will be tears (MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE).



5) Doja Cat - Not much is known about Doja Cat (this is all i could find) . Her real name is Amala Zandile Dlamini born in Los Angeles , California. There's so much to like about Doja Cat . She has an incredible unique style, beautiful unique vocals, and cannot forget her flow. Doja Cat (like Fka Twigs, you'll hear about her later) has a style of no other. She is very comfortable in her own skin. Mostly people would.



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