Beauty Products Coming out in 2016 to Be Excited For!

Play! by Sephora Box

We are definitely not new to the subscription boxes, but this is a must have! Not only do we love receiving samples in the store, but to finally get those exclusive samples (and a full size or two) of top brands is a dream come true! This box is currently Invitation-Only since they just recently started this project, and I've been lucky to have been chosen to receive these boxes, but they should be available to the public soon! In the meantime, I'll post videos and photos of what they're like! Go to to get on the waiting list!

Nails Inc Spray Nail Polish

Oh how I love that perfect manicure look, but I don't want to constantly go to the nail salon; I also can't polish my nails as well a they do. So what's a great compromise? NAIL POLISH SPRAY!! This has to be the greatest invention ever. It's only available in UK as of now, but should be in the US March 2016, so be on the lookout! Trust me, I'll be the first to buy it.