"Poppin' Tags" on a Budget: Thrifting Tips

“I'm digging, I'm digging, I'm searching right through that luggage, One man's trash, that's another man's come­up“ Macklemore - Thrift Shop




1. Know your budget before going shopping .I would suggest going to the ATM and getting cash instead of relying on your card. It’s easier to swipe a card , that it is to give over a $20. Give yourself a limit and don’t go over it.




2.  Do your research on your local thrift stores.Almost every thrift store that i’ve been to has a “sales­day” . My favorite thrift store has a sale every thursday of their overly stocked items. Also, they have a $.50 rack at the end of the month. Find their social media page or website .





3. Know your closet. This way you won’t buy items that you will never wear (that maxi skirt that you thought you had something to wear with). This keeps you from impulse buying.





4. Go Shopping by yourself.Unless you have a friend that loves thrifting as well. Most of the time , when you feel rushed you’ll end up missing out on all the different treasures the store has to offer. You’ll also end up not buying something based on your friend’s opinion (i.e. their style , not yours)




5. Wear comfortable attire. I suggest wearing a dress or skirt. This way it’ll be easy to try on your pieces. Wear a “hands­free” bag such as your favorite cross body . This way you can scan through the racks without having to adjust your purse.




6. Always try on your items. A Size small may have been stretched and is now a size Medium. Always be wary of items that may have stretched or shrunk. Also , you may wear a size 2 in Old Navy , and size 6 in Levis.



7. Say no to STAINS AND SMELLS. Every time I buy something after thrift shopping I automatically wash it , that’s just a given rule. If you come across something that smells like moth balls or body odor, DO NOT BUY IT. Most likely that’s the reason why the person decided to give the item away . Vice Versa , with stains most likely the person couldn’t get the stain out so they decided to give it away.




8. If you like it , buy it.You can revamp anything . Pants = Shorts , Long Maxi Dress= Short Mini Dress . Short Skirt = Tube Top or Vice Versa. There are ways around certain items.





9. Keep track of your “Haul”.Sometimes , I get overwhelmed by all the cute items that i find and ends up with a total of $100 or more dollars. (Which to a college student that has rent coming up, is a lot).




10. Don’t forget accessories.Thrift Stores always have the most unique finds . I love looking at the different purses and jewelry. (You never have enough bags, when they are $2.00, right)?




11. Don’t forget to give back. Get rid of those items that stuff you know you are not going to wear to make room for your new finds. Sometimes if you donate a lot , You can sometimes get a certain percentage of of your "thrift haul." It feels great giving back to that fashionista that gave you all those cute tops.





12.  Have Fun! You are saving your money for upcoming bills that come out of nowhere and still being fashionable. Create a playlist or listen to your favorite iheartradio station . Relax!