Organic must have products from “Faith’s Naturals”

Organic must have products from “Faith’s Naturals”


Info about company: Faith’s Naturals is a beauty company that produces all organic body products. This company covers both skin and hair care essentials at an affordable price, plus every product is hand made and free of toxic chemicals. The founder of this company, Faithlyn Scarlett, began creating her products out of necessity to help heal her scars left from chicken pox as a child, as well as to help her son who suffered with eczema. She is now sharing her excellent products with the world to help others.

Below is a list of amazing products MUST HAVES:

Citrus Burst Glowing face sugar scrub:


This is one of the best facial scrubs on the market. Not only does it remove dead skin cells, it also helps get rid of black heads and acne. This product is great for all skin types, and the oils infused leaves your face moisturized unlike some common face scrubs. The citrus smell of this scrub is divine, making this a highly recommended must have product. MUST HAVE!



Kiss Kiss Lip Moisturizing set:


If you are in need of a lip scrub and balm that will keep your lips moisturized and healthy at an affordable price, than this is a product for you. It’s so simple and easy to use, tastes delicious and leaves your lips soft, and keeps them hydrated and kissable. MUST HAVE!

Strawberry Drizzle:


This product is a delicious MUST HAVE treat! Even down to its presentation, it stands apart from any body scrub on the market. This scrub is not ONLY a scrub, but it is also a BODYWASH. This scrub removes dead skin, has a foaming component that makes it a great body wash, and it also moisturizes the skin - meaning no lotion is needed after showering. This is a MUST HAVE!!

Jarred Deodorant Cream:


This deodorant releases toxins unlike many conventional deodorants which helps keep the pores clean. Due to the ingredients used, it also helps lighten the darks spot under your arms. You can use this product anywhere you tend to sweat, and it lasts all day. This deodorant cream is amazing in the sense that it is not messy. As soon as you apply it, it turns into a powder formula instantly. You can get these deodorants in many different fragrances. You can also try these deodorants in the traditional bar instead of a cream. MUST HAVE!

Moisturizing body butter:


If you suffer from dry skin, need relief from eczema, help healing, or getting rid of scars and stretch marks then this is the product for you. It smells amazing, melts into your skin, and leaves no yucky residue feeling on your hands after use like some lotions. This product keeps your skin moisturized and healthy. It comes in many different fragrances and will be a great product to help protect your skin from harsh weather. MUST HAVE!

Don’t let this list limit you! There are many more excellent products you can try outside of what has been listed. The company is also currently having an amazing summer stock up sale on all products from 7/31/2016- 8/6/2016, use promo code: SUMMER16 for 20% off Check out the website today!!

Huge thank you to Faithlyn Scarlett for allowing me to try and review these products! To see a review on these products check out:

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