Battle of the Sponges: Beauty Blender Vs. Silicone Sponge

Beauty Blender VS Sillisponge

Hey Chicsters!

Remember when the Beauty Blender came out, and it was like a gift from the gods!?!? All we had to do was dampen that baby and pat on our foundation like it was nothing! #FLAWLESS

Well, now our little bundle of joy has a new challenger in town called: "Sillisponge." Word has it that it could be better than the Beauty Blender! ***GASPS*** But not just that. Allure Magazine even dares to call it: "The Beauty Blender 2.0!" ***DOUBLE GASPS*** 

I'm here to give my in depth review to get to the bottom of this Battle of the Sponges!!

I'm not going to lie: When I first set eyes on this thing, I thought it was a BREAST IMPLANT!!😳 I was like: "There's no way I'm putting that on my face lol."

But yes, it is what you think: It's a little silicone sponge that is non-absorbent. (Just from hearing that I'm already sold because cleaning Beauty Blenders can be a B****)!!!!

Sillisponge sent me one of their sponges complimentary in the Gold Edition pack. These sponges come in 1-Pack, 3-Pack, 5-Pack, and 10-Pack options.

(It's so weird calling them sponges because they're not really sponges; but since everybody is calling them sponges, we're just gonna roll with it).💁

They are about the same size as the Beauty Blender when dry.

My first thought was "How the hell do I use this?"

I spent a lot of time looking up the proper way to apply makeup with the Sillisponge, and found many methods. The most common one was to slather it on your face and then blend it in. "WHAT!?!?" It sounded waaay too messy, but I thought I'd give it a try. 

One claim that Sillisponge made was that it takes half the foundation you normally use to apply! I tested that theory! I actually started with my normal amount by accident, and it was all over the place! I literally filled up 3/4ths of my face with that one drop of foundation, which is very impressive! 

The problem is how oily I felt at first. I'm thinking since it's not an actual sponge, the makeup slips and slides everywhere, so it's better to start with too little than too much. I also applied my concealer with it, and it worked just fine. 

The only complaint I really have are the flaps on the edge around the sponge. These flaps tend to mess up my blending mainly under the eyes when I have to get into the creases. I have also found out the hard way that it DOES NOT work well with powder. It's just too messy. I will continue to use my Beauty Blender for powder products.

What I do like is how EASY it is to clean the Sillisponge! This definitely has the Beauty Blender beat in that category. I can just take my makeup wipe, and BAM! Clean. The Beauty Blender takes more time and effort.

Here's the Unboxing/Review+DEMO Video of the Sillisponge!

Final Thoughts

I know there are mixed reviews on these silicon sponges like: "It's to streaky," or "It's too hard to blend in." There are equal complaints for the Beauty Blender like: "It molded," or "They constantly break." I also know a lot of Top YouTubers had a thing or two to say as well about these sponges. Overall, every beauty product will have their imperfections, but it's all about personal preference! My Honest personal experience with this has been a decent one. I like it, and I think it'll be a great addition to my beauty collection as I continue to master the blending technique for the Sillisponge. I will, however, still be using my Beauty Blender in my makeup routines!

If you're interested in trying the Sillisponge out for yourself, you can find it HERE.

What are you thoughts? Sillisponge VS Beauty Blender?

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