Subscription box Must haves


As most know, Subscriptions boxes are beginning to become a must have trend. From makeup to books, jewelry and foreign snacks, you can see that subscription boxes are beginning to cover every category there is. They are a great way to save money and still receive top quality surprise products. Subscription boxes are always a great way to introduce you to products and brand you may have never tried.  Here are just a few you should definitely check out.

For your bling accessory needs I would highly suggest you check out:

Jewel Reveal Subscription Choices:


*Jewel reveal subscription Box*-

With this service you will receive 2-3 pieces of beautiful jewelry worth at least $80 every month for $39.95 a month. Through 8 easy steps, you are able to select jewelry most fitting your style. You can chose from metal tones, to the type of jewelry you like such as necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets to customize your order.

        (Or if you prefer bling on the fingers try their Ring subscription box)

*Jewel reveal Ring subscription Box*-

Every month receive one ring valued between $20 and $5,000 for only $9.95 a month. Through three steps you are able to select your ring size, ring style and metal tone, to make sure you are highly satisfied with the surprise ring you will receive.

Jewel Reveal has been generous enough to give a promo code to take 10% off of your first box. Use PROMO CODE: PLC10JR for 10% off

My Chic Box:

 My Chic Box is a great weekly subscription service for individuals who not only love surprise packages in the mail weekly, but who are also huge accessory lovers. This company offers 12 assorted pieces, as well as a bonus gift when you sign up for their Glam Bag Plan for $14.99 a week.

Use PROMO CODE: DKC25 for 25% off

For your makeup needs I would recommend you check out:



Ipsy is definitely a world known favorite beauty subscription service. For $10 a month with this service, you will receive deluxe samples & full sized beauty products.

You will take a quiz to receive the best products that you will enjoy. Being a member also gives you access to special perks such as promo codes to receive discounts on popular name brand products. It also allows you to buy top market products on the Ipsy website with free shipping, at a discounted price. You will not be disappointed with this subscription, and you can always retake the quiz at any time to change what type of products you receive.

Boxy Charm-


Another great beauty subscription box, also well-known is Boxy Charm. For only $21 a month receive 5 full sized products valued at over $100. Unlike Ipsy, boxy charm doesn’t have any quizzes so everything you will receive will be based off of their choosing’s for you. But don’t worry, they are known for having the best most wanted products in their monthly packages.

Other cool subscription boxes you should check out:

Book Case Club-


If you enjoy reading and being introduced to new books at an affordable price, then this subscription service is just right for you. For $9.99 a month, you will receive two wonderful books a month chosen for you. This subscription service does give its subscribers theme options to choose from. Such as ,Blind date Case which features paranormal romance novels, Read to me Case which features children picture books, a Strange world Case featuring Sci- fi/ fantasy novels and many, many more options to choose from.  

Sol Theory -


Sol Theory is a new subscription box which offers a monthly package of sunglasses and accessory coverage. This unique subscription has a variety of subscription packages and they range from $12.99- $26.99. So if you are a sunglass junkie this is the perfect option to fulfill your sunglasses needs. They have also been generous enough to offer a promo code for our wonderful readers to use in order to save 20% off of their first box. The promo code is: DIVINEKEAH

                                    Until Next Time,

                                        Keah V