Subscription box Must haves


As most know, Subscriptions boxes are beginning to become a must have trend. From makeup to books, jewelry and foreign snacks, you can see that subscription boxes are beginning to cover every category there is. They are a great way to save money and still receive top quality surprise products. Subscription boxes are always a great way to introduce you to products and brand you may have never tried.  Here are just a few you should definitely check out.

For your bling accessory needs I would highly suggest you check out:

Jewel Reveal Subscription Choices:


*Jewel reveal subscription Box*-

With this service you will receive 2-3 pieces of beautiful jewelry worth at least $80 every month for $39.95 a month. Through 8 easy steps, you are able to select jewelry most fitting your style. You can chose from metal tones, to the type of jewelry you like such as necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets to customize your order.

        (Or if you prefer bling on the fingers try their Ring subscription box)

*Jewel reveal Ring subscription Box*-

Every month receive one ring valued between $20 and $5,000 for only $9.95 a month. Through three steps you are able to select your ring size, ring style and metal tone, to make sure you are highly satisfied with the surprise ring you will receive.

Jewel Reveal has been generous enough to give a promo code to take 10% off of your first box. Use PROMO CODE: PLC10JR for 10% off

My Chic Box:

 My Chic Box is a great weekly subscription service for individuals who not only love surprise packages in the mail weekly, but who are also huge accessory lovers. This company offers 12 assorted pieces, as well as a bonus gift when you sign up for their Glam Bag Plan for $14.99 a week.

Use PROMO CODE: DKC25 for 25% off

For your makeup needs I would recommend you check out:



Ipsy is definitely a world known favorite beauty subscription service. For $10 a month with this service, you will receive deluxe samples & full sized beauty products.

You will take a quiz to receive the best products that you will enjoy. Being a member also gives you access to special perks such as promo codes to receive discounts on popular name brand products. It also allows you to buy top market products on the Ipsy website with free shipping, at a discounted price. You will not be disappointed with this subscription, and you can always retake the quiz at any time to change what type of products you receive.

Boxy Charm-


Another great beauty subscription box, also well-known is Boxy Charm. For only $21 a month receive 5 full sized products valued at over $100. Unlike Ipsy, boxy charm doesn’t have any quizzes so everything you will receive will be based off of their choosing’s for you. But don’t worry, they are known for having the best most wanted products in their monthly packages.

Other cool subscription boxes you should check out:

Book Case Club-


If you enjoy reading and being introduced to new books at an affordable price, then this subscription service is just right for you. For $9.99 a month, you will receive two wonderful books a month chosen for you. This subscription service does give its subscribers theme options to choose from. Such as ,Blind date Case which features paranormal romance novels, Read to me Case which features children picture books, a Strange world Case featuring Sci- fi/ fantasy novels and many, many more options to choose from.  

Sol Theory -


Sol Theory is a new subscription box which offers a monthly package of sunglasses and accessory coverage. This unique subscription has a variety of subscription packages and they range from $12.99- $26.99. So if you are a sunglass junkie this is the perfect option to fulfill your sunglasses needs. They have also been generous enough to offer a promo code for our wonderful readers to use in order to save 20% off of their first box. The promo code is: DIVINEKEAH

                                    Until Next Time,

                                        Keah V


Organic must have products from “Faith’s Naturals”

Organic must have products from “Faith’s Naturals”


Info about company: Faith’s Naturals is a beauty company that produces all organic body products. This company covers both skin and hair care essentials at an affordable price, plus every product is hand made and free of toxic chemicals. The founder of this company, Faithlyn Scarlett, began creating her products out of necessity to help heal her scars left from chicken pox as a child, as well as to help her son who suffered with eczema. She is now sharing her excellent products with the world to help others.

Below is a list of amazing products MUST HAVES:

Citrus Burst Glowing face sugar scrub:


This is one of the best facial scrubs on the market. Not only does it remove dead skin cells, it also helps get rid of black heads and acne. This product is great for all skin types, and the oils infused leaves your face moisturized unlike some common face scrubs. The citrus smell of this scrub is divine, making this a highly recommended must have product. MUST HAVE!



Kiss Kiss Lip Moisturizing set:


If you are in need of a lip scrub and balm that will keep your lips moisturized and healthy at an affordable price, than this is a product for you. It’s so simple and easy to use, tastes delicious and leaves your lips soft, and keeps them hydrated and kissable. MUST HAVE!

Strawberry Drizzle:


This product is a delicious MUST HAVE treat! Even down to its presentation, it stands apart from any body scrub on the market. This scrub is not ONLY a scrub, but it is also a BODYWASH. This scrub removes dead skin, has a foaming component that makes it a great body wash, and it also moisturizes the skin - meaning no lotion is needed after showering. This is a MUST HAVE!!

Jarred Deodorant Cream:


This deodorant releases toxins unlike many conventional deodorants which helps keep the pores clean. Due to the ingredients used, it also helps lighten the darks spot under your arms. You can use this product anywhere you tend to sweat, and it lasts all day. This deodorant cream is amazing in the sense that it is not messy. As soon as you apply it, it turns into a powder formula instantly. You can get these deodorants in many different fragrances. You can also try these deodorants in the traditional bar instead of a cream. MUST HAVE!

Moisturizing body butter:


If you suffer from dry skin, need relief from eczema, help healing, or getting rid of scars and stretch marks then this is the product for you. It smells amazing, melts into your skin, and leaves no yucky residue feeling on your hands after use like some lotions. This product keeps your skin moisturized and healthy. It comes in many different fragrances and will be a great product to help protect your skin from harsh weather. MUST HAVE!

Don’t let this list limit you! There are many more excellent products you can try outside of what has been listed. The company is also currently having an amazing summer stock up sale on all products from 7/31/2016- 8/6/2016, use promo code: SUMMER16 for 20% off Check out the website today!!

Huge thank you to Faithlyn Scarlett for allowing me to try and review these products! To see a review on these products check out:

                                                                                                                                    Keah V

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Throwing Shade

Throwing Shade   


Summertime is finally here to stay, and with the weather in the high 90’s in places; now is the perfect time to make sure that you have the best looking sunglasses and your shade game is covered. But don’t be caught in just any old sunglasses - since accessories have been known to make or break an outfit, here are some trusted online-only companies that make and sell the best quality shades at the most affordable prices:  

The first website is definitely ranked #1:

Sunglass Spot -

This website carries the most fashionable sunglasses by far with over more than a hundred sunglass selections to choose from, plus a variety of styles starting at the affordable price of $5.00! The quality is amazing, and with their designer inspired glasses; this website is definitely shade game APPROVED✅. You’re bound to set off any outfit and turn heads with the lovely shades they have to purchase.

The next website you should check out would be:

ShopMissA -

Now don’t be fooled though. This company may have a small variety to choose from, but what they lack in quantity they make up for in price and quality. All the sunglasses on this website are only $1.00, and they add new merchandise to the site daily. Not to mention they also offer other amazing accessories and cosmetics for $1.00 as well. I rate them shade game APPROVED✅.

This next website has started a new shade coverage game, which will make sure you are covered all year long with their monthly subscription boxes.

Sol Theory -

Sol Theory is a new subscription box which offers a monthly package of sunglasses and accessory coverage. This unique subscription has a variety of subscription packages, and they range from $12.99- $26.99. So if you are a sunglass junkie, this is the perfect option to fulfill your sunglass needs. They have also been generous enough to offer a promo code for our wonderful readers to use in order to save 20% off of their first box!! The promo code is: DIVINEKEAH

The sunglasses on these websites are absolutely recommendable and trustworthy to make sure you can block sun every day!

Interested in seeing a sunglass collection from these listed brands?

Check out this YouTube video of me blocking the sun with my unique, affordable sun blockers:



Kis-Su Yoghurt Lip Scrub by Juicy Skin Care | Review

This lip scrub has got to be the most interesting of its kind. first off, it has the smell of berries so that's a plus when applying this gooey product to my lips. Now, the scrub is less like a scrub and is supposed to be a yogurt texture, but it feels more like hair gel, but for the lips lol.

Some pros: 

  • The Walnut scrub inside the gel really exfoliates the lips
  • After rinsing off the product, my lips feel immediately smoother and softer
  • My lips have more color to them
  • My lips feel plumper
  • A little goes a long way

Some Cons:

  • It's not really yogurt texture; it's more like gel
  • It burns a little
  • A bit pricey

Overall, it's a really good product and I am satisfied with the results. I'll give it a 4 out of 5 stars! Check Out the lip scrub HERE!! 


9 Quick and Easy Ways to Treat Yourself

Every day brings a new opportunity to discover and learn something new. Often, our days are filled with time consuming duties such as work, school, kids and the list goes on. Having a strict schedule in a mere 24 hours a day is already a challenge within itself. However, finding time to ourselves to do something we enjoy is easier than expected.

Don’t be afraid to do things alone

There is a really big cliché when it comes to doing things by ourselves. We do not want people to believe that we are lonely. However, going solo is not a bad idea! No one denies that group activities are fun to do, but it can take a lot of time planning to get everyone together at once. Try a few of these tips:


  • Stop by Happy Hour on the way home from work: Why sit in traffic for an hour when you could sit at a bar and detox from a long day of work. Most weekday Happy Hours are around the heaviest traffic times. (4-6:30pm)

  • See a matinee on your off day: Movies prices are continuously increasing! Find your closest matinee and enjoy a movie you’ve been wanting to see but couldn’t find anyone to go with.

  • Talk a walk with nature in the evening: Go out and find the nearest park. Getting out the house and enjoying nature is the best way to free your mind.

  • Treat yourself to a mani-pedi in between errands: Get off your feet, relax and get a great foot massage at the same time!

  • Discover your city: Most cities are filled with attractions. Whether it’s an aquarium downtown or a local thrift store, there is always something new to discover. My favorite is the museum!

  • Try out a new hobby on the weekends: Get on Groupon and sign-up for a new local class in your area. Groupon is filled with classes such as yoga, kick boxing, pottery, tea tasting, and so much more.

  • Binge watch Netflix before bed: Catch up on your favorite show that you weren’t able to finish last season. Be careful not to stay up too long, Netflix can get addicting!

  • Get a quick mini makeover while on a shopping trip: Beauty stores like Sephora offer free consultations and demos on how to use their products. Try out the newest make-up and match your perfect shade of foundation at the same time.

  • Watch the sunrise before work: You’re up at 5am getting ready for work anyways, why not step outside and enjoy the view




Although magic will not help us add more minutes into our day, these are easy ways to enjoy a little extra “me” time.  



My Life! UPDATE: YouTube, Trombone, Work, College, Health & Fitness!

Check out the my new My Life UPDATE Video!!

If you guys know me, you know that I stay HELLA busy! Trying to balance school, work, trombone, teaching, YouTube reviews/Collabs, and trying to stay healthy/fit and even SANE is fairly difficult! Here's an update on my life:

Until Next Time...




I would consider myself a pretty decent stay at home mother of 2. At 40, I don't have the adrenaline of my 20s, but I get the job done. Balancing all the needs of my family as a homemaker and my son's challenges takes mega focus and love, which I have in abundance.  How does a mom become a #SuperMomVoxBox type of mom? It wasn't exactly in the plans, but sometimes wonderful things happen by accident. Just like finding the Influenster community. 

Influenster is this fabulous company that sends out products for review to its "Influensters", those who are engaged in the amazing phenomenon of social media. Somehow they are linked up with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, FourSquare, and may even have a blog. Influenster calls their marketing campaigns VoxBoxes and these are super sweet to receive. For the simple things consumers normally do, like reviews and taking photos, you are rewarded immensely. 

I was not sure what to expect in my box, but knew it was all about the #supermomvoxbox. And what makes things so much easier in the life of someone who takes care of everyone else. My box was chock full of products from major brands that we all recognize at our local favorite grocer or big box stores.  

Palmolive Fusion Clean was the prettiest little lime green wonder. #PalmoliveFusion truly gets the grime out of the toughest stuck on messes. And the scent truly lifts with baking soda and lime. It seems quite natural to put these two together for a gentle on your hands, yet very effective stain release. I fortunately have a dishwasher, but those mac and cheesy pans sometimes need a soaking. 

Suave Purely Fun 2 in One Shampoo and Conditioner and detangler were my two full sized haircare samples. The fragrance is light and cheerful. The calendula extract adds the herbal natural element of the product. I tried it out on my son's coarse and curly mohawk. It was delightfully effective in cleansing and conditioning. His curls truly shined afterward. Also it was easy to run my fingers through. He didn't have the urge to pull the towel over his eyes, and with his special challenges, sometimes it is hard to know whether a simple daily ritual will go well or fail. This time, success! #SuaveBeliever

It isn't a secret that the brand Secret provides a true sense of freshness and protection against underarm situations. So trying out the new Outlast Extend was indeed my pleasure. I received a sample size which will travel with me everywhere. The fragrance Completely Clean has a light, refreshing scent. It doesn't fight your perfume or body lotion for attention at all. It is invisible and stays put the entire day. No fear of a hard workout or a work to dinner with hubby, because reapplication isn't required. Secret has always been my favorite deodorant and this brand continues to better their already tried and true quality. #NeverStops

When I need to jot down a note to myself, which is fairy often, the pen I use is almost as critical as the words. Pilot Pens makes the amazing Acroball line, which I sampled both in white and pink. The pink is get noticed ink, and the way it writes is super smooth, no pulling at the paper at all. Be certain that all the gorgeous calligraphy or precise lines for any project will not fade away anytime soon with the high quality ink. For me, I just need that pen that doesn't go bad in a few weeks flat. And Pilot makes pens for life experiences, ones that go the extra distance. Go ahead, write it down old school without any shame. I am proud to say I have notes everywhere. The white Acroball is also very ergonomic. I don't have any hand fatigue using these. Grocery lists will be prettier in pink with my new Pilot pen. #PowerToThePen

Daisy Sour Cream comes in a squeeze tube now. Yes, no scooping required. I redeemed my coupon for a free Daisy Squeeze Sour Cream and let my imagination take over. Well, I don't have too much of an imagination honestly when it comes to using sour cream. Ideally, I think a nice sour cream pound cake was my first choice. But the task was to create a recipe from the Daisy Brand website. Those two guys in my life could see the Tex  Mex before their eyes, so I obliged with the Grilled Shrimp Taco recipe. A few tweaks included a touch of cilantro and garlic. Absolutely yum central! 

Plackers was not a company I knew before sampling the Dual Grip Fruit Smoothie Swirl Kid's Flossers. Now I won't forget how easy it made our flossing routine. My son has some issues with fine motor tasks, as kids with Autism sometimes do. The shape of this product helped him truly take control of the movements involved with tooth flossing. And the flavor also is a nice enticing way to aid children into the habit of daily personal care. If Plackers adds simplicity and streamlines my routine in any way, I am a happy customer. #LoveAtFirstFloss

I love my #SuperMomVoxBox. If you'd like to join this fabulous society of millions of consumers, click here

The Items Mentioned Above Were Samples send out for promotional sampling purposes. All of the opinions listed were mine and provided without payment. Thanks Influenster for the fabulous Super Mom Vox Box; I am truly grateful for the opportunity to review. 

Controversial Kanye West 'Famous' Video!?

Okay, so I am not sure what the heck we just watched or what just happened, but what we do know is THIS has happened:

Kanye released his new video single 'Famous' for his Life of Pablo album at a packed venue last night in L.A. Now EVERYONE can't stop talking about it! Pretty much Kanye had a paint by the name of Vincento Desiderio replace the naked bodies on the bed with that of 12 very recognizable celebrities such as Donald Trump, George Bush, Taylor Swift, Bill Cosby, Rihanna, and Chris Brown, just to name a few. How could we also forget that Kanye and Kim Kardashian themselves are too in this picture.

Did I forget to mention they're completely NAKED!?

Chris Brown has already responded to it jokingly on Instagram stating, "Why I gotta have the plumbers butt/ crack showing WAX figure?😂😂😂😂. This n*gga KANYE CRAZY, talented, but crazy 😭😭😭🏆"

We're not sure on other celebrities yet, but Kanye has already stated that he DARES people to sue him over it. Do you think that's wise?

Some would argue that this is Kanye's art at it's finest, as others would say that they thought Kanye couldn't stoop any lower, yet they were wrong. Some ask: "Why is this even relevant to life?" Where do you stand on this? Comment Below!

For those who don't know, the video is available on Tidal for only a WEEK if you want to see it. To watch the 30 second preview of it on Tidal click HERE.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know!


Until Next Time...



Gadget of the Month!

The Gadget of the Month is..... The iSmartPro Magnetic Air Vent Cellphone Car Mount!!

The design is amazing, and well thought out! I can't believe I waited this long to get one of these! I am constantly using navigation to get around, and I can't stand looking down at my phone, plus it's dangerous too. I must admit, I could have followed directions better for applying it directly to the phone because I did get adhesive on my phone. So far, I've had no issues with the air vent holder! Can't beat this for $12.99! I definitely recommend this product!

To check out the iSmartPro Mount on Amazon, Click HERE!!

Disclaimer: I received this product heavily discounted for my honest review. All opinions stated above are completely my own.


Until Next Time...



Spotify & Chill : Music Provided

"One good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain." ~ Bob Marley




Music is spoken by every language. When it comes to songs that most people listen to, everything is pretty much universal. Sometimes music can be the reason that people click, vibe, connect. Picture this laying across a car (Lawn , Concrete, Whatever you prefer) earbuds in your head while listening to your favorite song. Everything looks so different (depending on what you're listening to). For me everything seems so enchanted, or majestic somehow.


Most of the music that I listen to is pretty much chill, indie music. If you are not familiar with Indie Music, here's a definition according to wikipedia "Independent music (often shortened to indie music or indie) is music produced independently from major commercial record labels or their subsidiaries, a process that may include an autonomous, do-it-yourself approach to recording and publishing." Most of my days are spent working of course , but usually spent in some book in a far off land with this type of music in my ear. Take a look into my world of Indie Music .


1)Alina Baraz  is from Cleveland, Ohio, but now resides in Los Angeles. She teamed up with Galimtias, a danish producer (you'll hear more about him later). Mixing these two together was a musical masterpiece. They've created what I know call my safe haven but known to others as "Paradise." My favorite songs are Maybe, Show Me, Can I, & Pretty Thoughts. Really the list goes on but I didn't want this to be too long. Once you listen to her voice , you will definitely understand what I mean by you can't really narrow down your favorites.


2) Galimatias -  First and foremost, let's introduce him by his name "Matias Saabye Køedt" . This Denmark born electronic music producer + artist literally has a genre of his own . His music is something that I would probably hear in a nice coffee shop with the lights dimmed really low while someone is spitting an outrageously intense poem . My favorites are Voyage Mix .02 (not really sure if it's a song but it's on soundcloud), Ocean Floor Kisses , Atlantis , To the Moon and Beyond ('You'll notice this actually "Drift" )


3) James Blake - (There's a article surfacing that James Blake thinks that Frank Ocean's new album is better than "Channel Orange" o.O what Frank Ocean has new music). James Blake is from Enfield , London , England . Growing up on music legends like D'Angelo & Stevie Wonder, James Blake's music as a certain Soul, R&B, Gospel Feel. His voice is that of Sam Smith, if you listen pretty hard. Their notes are similar but the music is so different .(maybe they could be brothers, or distant cousins) Retrograde, Life Round Here (With Chance the Rapper), The Wilhelm Scream, Love What Happened Here.


4) Frank Ocean - 28 year old Mr.Christopher Edwin Breux, well-known for his crazy disappearing act, his open letter via Tumblr, and much much more. His music has hit the hearts of all. When I first heard "Novacane," I was not a fan but, he began producing music that my ears became more involved and addicted to. Fans every day seem to post about "when is Frank Ocean coming back" or "Frank Ocean needs a new album." Frank Ocean's last song to be released seems like forever ago. "fingers crossed." James blake knew what he was talking about, is a new album on the way. Here are a few ofmy Favorite Songs : American Wedding, Without you (with another great artist Stacy Barthe), miss you so much, thinking about you, pink matter, there will be tears (MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE).



5) Doja Cat - Not much is known about Doja Cat (this is all i could find) . Her real name is Amala Zandile Dlamini born in Los Angeles , California. There's so much to like about Doja Cat . She has an incredible unique style, beautiful unique vocals, and cannot forget her flow. Doja Cat (like Fka Twigs, you'll hear about her later) has a style of no other. She is very comfortable in her own skin. Mostly people would.



Want new music like this all the time? Check out these YouTube channels:



The Sound you Need (


Majestic Casual (

Melacho (

College Music (


DIY Makeup Wipes

Wanna make your own makeup wipes?


Here's a great DIY video by Makeup Artist, Allie Tevis!

Don't For get to...

Follow on Instagram: @flawlessby_allie

Subscribe on Youtube: Flawless By Allie

Here's what you need:

NOTE: All of this can be found at your local grocery store/pharmacies, but I've provided links for all of you Amazon lovers! 😉


  • Airtight Container
  • Baby Wash or Face Wash
  • Coconut Oil

  • Toner, Clarifying Lotion, Tea Tree Oil, Etc.
  • Purified Water (Bottled Water)
  • Microwaveable Jar or Bowl
  • Cotton Rounds



  1. Take 2-3 Scoops of Coconut oil into the microwaveable jar/bowl.

  2. Squirt 4 pumps of face/baby wash.

  3. pour 2 ounces of clarifying lotion or tea tree oil.

  4. Pour 1 cup of purified/ bottled water.

  5. Microwave for 2-3 minutes.

  6. While that's microwaving, fill the airtight container with the cotton rounds.

  7. Take the warm solution out of the microwave, and mix it together.

  8. Pour the mixture into the container, and keep adding more cotton rounds and press them down to draw out any excess moisture.

  9. VOILÀ!!!!!! DIY Makeup Wipes!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and stay tuned for more!!


Have any DIY tips and tricks?

share in the comments below! ⬇️⬇️



Be a Foodie on a Budget

As a native Houstonian, being a foodie comes naturally. I didn't have much of choice, because it is literally a Chinese restaurant and Mexican food truck on every corner. As a self proclaimed foodie, I often look for ways to try new flavors and foods that represents different cultures. My current obsession is Thai food; the spices are amazing! Being able to try these new things on a daily is great, however it can be a very expensive hobby to have. So throughout my foodie journey, I've found a few ways to cut corners and save money.  I highly recommended these different tips for any foodie on a budget.


1. Make a list of Happy Hours and lunch specials


This is a great option if you're constantly on the go and do not have time to search for any good deals. Start by simply writing down, in your phone, whatever great deals that you see. There are plenty of ways to start your list.  The first one is easy, just pick a new restaurant, and write down lunch hours and happy hour specials. Another way is to write specials down as you go. Whether you see a commercial with good deals, pass by a promotional sign or hear something on the radio continue to write it all down and you'll have a full list in no time. This will also help with picking a place to eat if you’re with a group of friends or going out on a date.

 Your Pie  Houston, TX

Your Pie

Houston, TX


2. Save $ for Food Festivals and State Fairs


Most likely, a foodie lover’s paradise is a carnival, state fair or rodeo. You can literally get any type of food on a stick, how can it not be?! These places are the perfect times for a foodie to indulge in any and every type of food there is all in one place. Here in Texas you can get everything fried from ice cream to anything wrapped in bacon! However, as awesome and delicious as this sounds, these things can get a bit pricey. There are a few different things that can help cut cost. Knowing the dates ahead of time, will give you time to save and budget your money correctly. Also, look ahead online for the different vendors that will be at the location, this way you can price their menu.  

 The Waffle Bus Food Truck  Houston, TX

The Waffle Bus Food Truck

Houston, TX

 The Waffle Bus Food Truck  Houston, TX

The Waffle Bus Food Truck

Houston, TX


3. Cook New Recipes


The best way to save money is by doing things yourself. Going to get your own groceries and cooking up great new recipes at home will add fun to something that is often seen as a chore.  Search for recipes that you've never tried or cooked without going over budget. There are plenty of websites to find good food recipes and reviews about them on. If you're on a budget, wanting to test out a new flavor, or hoping to spice things up in the kitchen the perfect recipe is out there. A favorite of mine for finding new food is Pinterest, because of all the delicious pictures! Remember, planning your grocery budget and list before shopping will come in handy at the grocery store by helping you stay on budget.


 Homemade Baked Potato

Homemade Baked Potato


Anyone can be a foodie no matter the budget. The only requirement is that you have a passion for food and love to try new things.


Author: Zenoria Abdalla



"Poppin' Tags" on a Budget: Thrifting Tips

“I'm digging, I'm digging, I'm searching right through that luggage, One man's trash, that's another man's come­up“ Macklemore - Thrift Shop




1. Know your budget before going shopping .I would suggest going to the ATM and getting cash instead of relying on your card. It’s easier to swipe a card , that it is to give over a $20. Give yourself a limit and don’t go over it.




2.  Do your research on your local thrift stores.Almost every thrift store that i’ve been to has a “sales­day” . My favorite thrift store has a sale every thursday of their overly stocked items. Also, they have a $.50 rack at the end of the month. Find their social media page or website .





3. Know your closet. This way you won’t buy items that you will never wear (that maxi skirt that you thought you had something to wear with). This keeps you from impulse buying.





4. Go Shopping by yourself.Unless you have a friend that loves thrifting as well. Most of the time , when you feel rushed you’ll end up missing out on all the different treasures the store has to offer. You’ll also end up not buying something based on your friend’s opinion (i.e. their style , not yours)




5. Wear comfortable attire. I suggest wearing a dress or skirt. This way it’ll be easy to try on your pieces. Wear a “hands­free” bag such as your favorite cross body . This way you can scan through the racks without having to adjust your purse.




6. Always try on your items. A Size small may have been stretched and is now a size Medium. Always be wary of items that may have stretched or shrunk. Also , you may wear a size 2 in Old Navy , and size 6 in Levis.



7. Say no to STAINS AND SMELLS. Every time I buy something after thrift shopping I automatically wash it , that’s just a given rule. If you come across something that smells like moth balls or body odor, DO NOT BUY IT. Most likely that’s the reason why the person decided to give the item away . Vice Versa , with stains most likely the person couldn’t get the stain out so they decided to give it away.




8. If you like it , buy it.You can revamp anything . Pants = Shorts , Long Maxi Dress= Short Mini Dress . Short Skirt = Tube Top or Vice Versa. There are ways around certain items.





9. Keep track of your “Haul”.Sometimes , I get overwhelmed by all the cute items that i find and ends up with a total of $100 or more dollars. (Which to a college student that has rent coming up, is a lot).




10. Don’t forget accessories.Thrift Stores always have the most unique finds . I love looking at the different purses and jewelry. (You never have enough bags, when they are $2.00, right)?




11. Don’t forget to give back. Get rid of those items that stuff you know you are not going to wear to make room for your new finds. Sometimes if you donate a lot , You can sometimes get a certain percentage of of your "thrift haul." It feels great giving back to that fashionista that gave you all those cute tops.





12.  Have Fun! You are saving your money for upcoming bills that come out of nowhere and still being fashionable. Create a playlist or listen to your favorite iheartradio station . Relax!


Contributor: J Monique Harrison




My name is Jen. I’m a 30-something life junkie from The Big Apple. I have a vast medical background, but writing has always been my true love. I adore sharing stories and knowledge with others as well as making people laugh and helping them find their joy. My friends would describe me as smart, hilarious and nerdy – all adjectives that I’m perfectly fine with.

I am always interested in learning and discovering new things and ideas and I’m excited to do so with all of the PLC readers! Books, makeup, and food are my absolute favorite topics. I am here to listen, exchange creative ideas and visions, crack a joke or two – and I hope you’ll join me for the ride!

  Author: J Monique Harrison

Author: J Monique Harrison

Contributor: Zenoria Abdalla

A little bit about me

Hi. I’m Zenoria. I’m a 23 year old native from Houston Texas. In 2015 I received my BA in Communication/Journalism from Texas Southern University here in Houston. My passion has always been about helping others. Whether it was my philanthropy or just giving advice to my friends, I’m always doing whatever I can to make a difference. I’m very involved in a few non-profit organizations here in Houston. The non-profits I work with are mentorship programs that help at risk youth in the community. Besides that I love everything that has to deal with beauty, culture, food, books, and art! I hope to contribute to PLC by giving real useful information, showing diversity in my topics, and becoming a listening ear, to readers/ viewers. I hope to fill all of my articles/vlogs with a little humor, great insight, and detailed information!





  Author: Zenoria Abdalla

Author: Zenoria Abdalla

Xinge Rose Gold Watch Set - Review

This watch set is absolutely gorgeous! What struck me was the presentation. I was very impressed with the green box and bag that it was packaged in. The quality of the watch and bracelets are great, and the efficiency is good. 

The only thing that was weird was that each bangle had a different latch so the process of putting them on was different or each one.

Overall, this would be a great gift! The design is stunning and has that expensive quality to it. You can't go wrong with this elegant set.

Let me know what you guys think about this set! 

- I received this product deeply discounted in return for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


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