The Bag That Does Everything!

This started out as a normal collaboration with So.Chi-O. I loved how this bag looked, and wanted to do a quick review on it. The only person that could fulfill this role other than myself was my wonderful boyfriend. His desperate need and equal adoration for a bag like this did not slip past my notice. I thought he would be an excellent "test subject" (Don't tell him I called him a test subject) for this review! So without any more fanfare, here is the rundown and our personal experience with this product:

1. The bag is comfortable

First off, the bag is incredibly soft on the back portion. The padding is exceptionally soft and the straps fit better than a lot of the big-name bags your would find in even bigger named stores. He can walk around with a laptop, game systems, art supplies, charging cables, and just about anything else without much of any impediment! The bag is not bulky, it is actually sleek, and it just has this natural fit to your body.

2. The amount of space is staggering

When we first opened this bag, we were taken aback by the amount of pouches, zippers, compartments, and hidden compartments. It was incredible. To say that you have no room for something would be an absolute lie because chances are there are places I am almost positive that we haven't discovered yet. It has specified room for a laptop, a tablet, phones, school supplies and it also has unspecified room for things like gaming systems charging cables, and just generally anything you can think of that would fit. Like I said, It's staggering!

3. This bag is built for city living

All of those compartments and all of that comfort translate to one thing: You are going to be walking around with this thing a lot! If that's the case, you better hope that it is built to last. Well friends, let me tell you that we have a bag that is built like Tungsten (Not literally, but it's close)! The straps are incredibly tough, and can handle an awful lot of weight and jostling in any city setting. Speaking of city-living, backpacks = big money for pickpockets. This bag has an amazing security feature where the bag itself flaps around the zipper and actually conceals the entire zipper line. It's unbelievably safe. The zippers are HUGE and are apparently built to last. They are not like your conventional, off-the-press tiny zipper. These things were built with locks in mind, and you can feel it every time you open the bag. Let's just say the bag won't be ripping or tearing (or getting snatched) anytime soon! An additional plus is one of the compartments contains a backpack rain bag! Who would've known? A rain cover for your backpack!

4. The bag is sexy as hell

The bag's exterior has a unique look: It's ULTRA modern. (I've used the word before, but I can't help it) IT IS SLEEK!! The variant that we have is black and silver and is accented with the So.Chi-O logo in white and another in red and white. The straps are the perfect width. They are not too wide, and the stitching is amazing. To top it off, the straps have these really cool parachute pulls that make the straps look that much more modern. Let's move into the interior! The interior is a mix of padding and "oxford material" pouches and compartments all of which are incredibly organized. Beyond that, you can't really say much for an all black (and slightly blue) interior build. Suffice it to say, it compliments the exterior in an exceptional way.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the experience we have had with this bag, was one of a need being met: My boyfriend needed a bag, and this bag went above and beyond its desired intent. Not only is it a gorgeous bag inside and out, it is also an incredibly functional and well built bag. It fulfills all of the needs that my boyfriend has and carries what he needs on a daily basis. Trust me. You NEED to get this bag. It's affordable and it does what it says it does. What else could you ask for?

What are your thoughts on this bag? Let us know in the comments below!