Fitwirr Resistance Band Review

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Have you seen my Fitwirr Resistance Band Review!? If not, you totally should check it out!


These resistance bands are so sturdy! I was so scared about putting the door grips between my door hinges, but it was very sturdy and didn't budge (which is Great)! I'm getting a lot of great workouts  at home that I wouldn't be able to get otherwise unless I go to the gym. If you're looking for new ways to workout and tone your body, resistance bands are the way to go!

What is your favorite workout equipment and exercise routine? Let us know in the comments below!





5 Tips for Clear Skin



  • Hydrate!! - You've heard this a million times for a million different reasons, but it's TRUE! Hydration = Healthy Body = Healthy Skin. If you're dehydrated, your skin will overcompensate my producing more oils, thus causing acne. So go grab those cases, and fill up your fridge! DRINK MORE WATER!






  • No Makeup Workout - I admit that I am even guilty of this... You see those Instagram fitness models with a face full of makeup and weights in their hands, but the REALITY is working out in makeup is a breeding ground for clogged pores & sweat combined, which leads to bacteria– Gross. So start and end the workout with a clean face, and shower with salicylic acid. (Now if you absolutely MUST go to the gym with some type of makeup, just do false eyelashes and brows; you'll look hot every time)!


  • Steam your Face - You could go to a spa, or just buy your own small face steamer for your home! This steamer such as Oakleaf is like a mini luxury sauna for your face and not only makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but help you sweat out those toxins! The steam expands your pores to free itself from dead cells, dirt, and bacteria that could be causing your skin to breakout, and will help your skin absorb your facial products you use afterwards. This is by far my favorite method! (Steaming is mainly for mild to moderate acne. For severe acne, please ask a physician before steaming).



  • Change Pillow Cases Weekly - The oil from out hair seeps into our pillow cases, and we don't even realize it. Our face will get a full dose of all of that oil constantly if those pillow cases don't see a washer SOON! Dirty pillow cases are one of the main causes for breakouts and acne not getting any better, so Get to Washing!







  • Rosewater - You can make a homemade toner with rosewater! Natural rosewater soothes and balances the skin, and relieves any redness and calms any irritation. It's also great for every skin type! Here's a How-To on making Rosewater Toners.









I hope you enjoyed my 5 Tips for Clear Skin! I'd love to hear from you in the comments on any tips or tricks you have that worked for your skin!! 


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AB Wheel - Inexpensive Workout

It's that time of year where we all want to get cut up for the summer! But how can we reach that goal of "BEACH BOD" without all of the crazy routines?

As a child, I'd watch my mom work out on this Ab wheel (single wheel), and she would do it every day! She was super dedicated to this thing. I then noticed a few weeks in that it was really making a difference. Now, years later, I've decided to give it a try!

What does the Ab Wheel do?

It primarily tones and strengthens core muscles - abdominal, obliques, and back. This wheel is normally for intermediate to advance fitness users, but there are modifications for beginners. There are a number of exercises that fit your ab strength.

How to use the Ab Wheel:

Ab Wheel Roll-out Exercise Photo Credit:

Ab Wheel Roll-out Exercise Photo Credit:

Place your knees on the floor, put your legs together, and place the ab wheel about a foot from you.

Slowly roll the wheel forward keeping your arms straight as you roll forward until your chest almost touches the floor, then reverse the move and use your abs to pull yourself back to the start.

There are many other ways to use this wheel, but this is the simplest, yet effective exercise, especially for beginners.

Here's a new Ab Wheel that I just bought, and I love it! The dual wheel is a bit wider than most ab wheels, and it is very easy to navigate. PLUS it comes with a knee pad!


Happy Working Out!

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Forever Fused Fruit Infusion Water Bottle Review

This by, by far, has to be the cutest and most effective product I've seen when it comes to water bottles!

You start out by picking one in your favorite color!



Then, you unscrew the bottom and the infuser basket to add the fruit (I chose lemons)!

You then screw everything back together and add my water.

And shake it up!!!!


Interested? Check out Live Infinitely's Website HERE!

You can use any kind of fruit from strawberries to limes. ANYTHING! I really like this product and look forward to mixing up more flavors!

Speaking of mixing up flavors, here are some recipes from the company in case you want to try this bottle out yourself:

Green Tea+Mint+Lime:

Fat burning, Digestion, Relieves headaches, congestion, and refreshes breath


Immune system protection, Blood sugar regulation, Cardiovascular health, and digestion


Water weigh management, Appetite control, Relieves bloating, Hydration, and Digestion.

I was given this product complimentary in return for my honest review!

What do you think about this bottle?

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