A Brush That Can Straighten Hair!? Apalus Review

Ever heard of a brush that's a straightener at the time time? Well, now you have! I was very skeptical about this product, but I just had to try it. DISCLAIMER: I received this deeply discounted, and I did pay for it!

Here's my experience:

Hair Type: I have natural/texurized hair.

How long it took to use the brush straightener: It took me about 15-20 minutes to use the brush straightener vs. 1 hour+ with a traditional flat iron.

Tips: I suggest using the brush straightener with clean, washed hair without excess products to avoid super flat hair with no volume.


Easy to use

Heats up quickly

Does not burn you

360 degrees rotating cord

No Shedding



Doesn't catch edges/baby hairs well

Flattens hair and lacks volume


See the Hair Brush Straightener in ACTION! (Video Review Below)



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Weekly VLOG

Here's my weekly Vlog! George and I are so proud of our new Christmas Tree! Since I'm always gone for school, we never really found the time to get one, so here it is! Also, if it wasn't for the manager, I would have snapped on that girl cause I was getting very aggravated, so excuse the language lol ♥

November Favorites!

It's that time again where we recap on what we loved in the month of November! Hopefully, these FAVS will create a smooth transition into December with gift ideas for Christmas (or yourself)!

I am also excited to announce that I've been featured on theneeds.com!! Show some love by clicking the photo below and liking my post! Thank you all for your support!

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💋‍High End Makeup for less with Glambot!💋‍

I cannot believe I stumbled upon this, but boy am I glad I did!

Glambot is a website that sells new and used high end makeup at a HUGE discount!

Now I know you're wondering... "Used?" Yes, used, but only certain products such as eye shadows and skincare, etc. They also have a very detailed sanitizing system they use before even putting the product up for sale:

Watch how they sanitize their products here 👉👉


I remember doing makeup swaps and loving those communities, but too many have failed with swap lifters and damaged/unusable makeup, so now you have that middleman to fix that for you!

Here are a few items on sale now!:


Mac Prep+Prime Natural Radiance Base Lumiere Illuminating Base

Mac Prep+Prime Natural Radiance Base Lumiere Illuminating Base

Smashbox Photo Op Palette Muse

Smashbox Photo Op Palette Muse

Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil Pomegranate Mini

Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil Pomegranate Mini


When shopping for products, make sure to view the percentage of how much is left of the product for maximum satisfaction 😗

Another neat feature with this website is that you can sell your lightly used makeup as well! (Wait, I can make money and buy cheap high end makeup)!? Of Course!

Learn more about selling your makeup Here


There are new products every day, but they go fast, so check it out!! I'll keep you up to date on the latest products and my new purchases! 😉

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