Got Space Buns?

Having trouble constantly styling your hair? Are you looking for a more convenient, yet stylish way to wear your hair? You're NOT alone!! Sometimes we need new and interesting things to do with our hair, especially if it's short.

I have an issue with getting very bored of my short hair, so I like to go on Pinterest to finds ways to mix it up a bit!  That something was Space Buns! I adore wearing Space Buns as this is the most adorable hairstyle one could wear no mater the age!!


Check out my tutorial on how to achieve a space bun look that's "Out of this world!"


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A Brush That Can Straighten Hair!? Apalus Review

Ever heard of a brush that's a straightener at the time time? Well, now you have! I was very skeptical about this product, but I just had to try it. DISCLAIMER: I received this deeply discounted, and I did pay for it!

Here's my experience:

Hair Type: I have natural/texurized hair.

How long it took to use the brush straightener: It took me about 15-20 minutes to use the brush straightener vs. 1 hour+ with a traditional flat iron.

Tips: I suggest using the brush straightener with clean, washed hair without excess products to avoid super flat hair with no volume.


Easy to use

Heats up quickly

Does not burn you

360 degrees rotating cord

No Shedding



Doesn't catch edges/baby hairs well

Flattens hair and lacks volume


See the Hair Brush Straightener in ACTION! (Video Review Below)


Until Next Time...