Face Shapes - What Type of Shades Should You Wear?

It's time to let the sun shine!

So what does your face shape say about the type of sunglasses you should wear? - Let's find out!

If your face is...

Any shape! Make sure to avoid very extreme rounded, curved, or angular sunglasses. Also, think deeper rather than wider.


Instead of wearing wider sunglasses, try deeper ones. Also, avoid sharp geometric shaped frames since you already have a strong facial structure.

Since your face already has a strong structure, wear slightly curved and rounded frames to avoid harshness.


Squarer frames work best with your proportions.


Top-heavy Frames and Teardrop Lenses are great as well as square, angular frames with deep lenses.

Any shape works for your face as long as your frames are at  least as wide your face is at its widest point.

Aviators, or Square, angular frames are perfect for you!

I hope you enjoyed this fun and informative blog post! Now, get to shopping on those perfect shades for the Spring/Summer weather!!

Until Next Time...