10 Ways to Treat Yo Self

We constantly work hard, whether it's  long hours at our job, enormous amounts of classes, or just pleasing others that we are now so physically and emotionally drained to the point that we tend to forget about us and our needs. At that peak, we're not very useful anymore. - I am very guilty of this. 

There has to be a healthy balance between work and play. As the wise tale states: "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." It's sad, but true. Summer is rolling around, so school will be out of the picture for most of us (that's one stresser gone), but then there's work. Here are 10 ways you can treat yo self:

1. Take a Bubble Bath 

I'm not just talking to the ladies, either!! Men, too need to partake in this timeless relaxation method as well. Don't believe me? Here is a photo of my love, George after a long, hard day of work.  I told him I'd run him a bath, and he was obviously reluctant at first, but he gave in. Now he's listening to his favorite music while having beer in the tub! Love it.


2. Get a Manicure  

Now, this you can either do yourself with your mani kit at home, or you can head over to the nail salon! Either way, you're going to leave feeling ten million times better! 


3. Make a Spa Day 

Take an entire day to dedicate just to you, and run over to the spa! There, you can receive relaxing services such as facials and massages along with nature music and aromatherapy. If your spa is a bit too pricey, don't worry! You can go to your local store, pick up a scented candle as well as face masks, or if you're a DIY person, you can pick up natural ingredients to make your own face masks! For the massage, you can use a massage oil or just get coconut oil and massage yourself - or get your significant other to massage you. This is a great bonding moment.


4. Make a Badass Playlist 

And play it LOUD!!  


5. Save for a Quick Trip 

Need to get away for the weekend? Nothing feels better than knowing that you're working towards something amazing! George and I have been doing this and it really makes our trips (such as our trip to Orange Beach) that much more special knowing that we planned it together. So whether it be with family, friends, or love, you'll have a blast!


6. Watch a Movie in Bed 

Netflix & Chill? Why not slip into something comfy and watch some movies!?


7. Sleep

There is nothing wrong with doing absolutely NOTHING. I'm sure we all have catching up to do when it comes to sleep. I will definitely be utilizing this when I return home from college.


8. Have some (controlled) Retail Therapy 

This, by far, is my favorite on this list, BUT I stress "controlled" because we can definitely lose ourselves while shopping. Make a BUDGET for what you can spend and leave the rest at home. Go out and buy whatever you want that makes you happy and makes you feel good! 


9. Go Out for Dinner

Whether you have a hot date, or you're flying solo, you should always treat yourself to that fancy dinner! There's really nothing awkward about it (Who knows, you could meet some cutie while you're there) . 


10. Unplug 

Being in the technological age, a lot of us don't really know what "Unplugging" or "Going off the Grid"  is or how it can really help our psyche. I went six weeks without electronics and connection to the outside world other than handwritten letters, and I can honestly say that it was the freest I have ever felt since childhood. Am I expecting you to do that? Not at all. But if you can ever go a day or two off the grid without people flipping out, take advantage of that. 

(Make sure you watch all of my VIDEOS before you do šŸ˜‰)!


These are some of my ideas on how to Treat Yo Self! I wanna know how you Treat Yo Self! Comment down below!


Until Next Time...