Product of the Week! Palmat™ by Practk™

Hey Chics!

I have another product of the week that'll knock your socks off! (well, maybe).

I received this product from Practk's PR, and got to try it out first hand.

It's called Palmat™!

It's a brush cleaning device where you can adjust it to fit your hand for easy handling, OR you can attach it to your sink for easy cleaning as well!! Pretty cool, right?

Let's see it in action!


I really like this product, mainly for the fact that I can adjust it to my palm! I wasn't a huge fan of the sink portion just because I don't think it was designed for my particular sink, so it slid around a little. Other than that, I think it's a handy tool to have for such a cheap price! I mean, $9.99?! You can't beat that!

Check out the Practk™ Palmat™ here.