Weird Product Alert: Beauty Apparatus Review

The Weijing Xi Hei Tou Beauty Apparatus has to be the most interesting beauty tool I've used. Here's the scoop:

This tool is a beauty apparatus for Microdermabrasion and extracting acne and fat. The microdermabrasion and acne part I can understand, but the FAT!? I'm still figuring that part out honestly. I can't imagine sucking out my "Face Fat..."šŸ˜‚ Pretty much, in English terms, it's a blackhead suction pore cleaner for your face! Pretty cool and weird, huh?

My personal experience has been interesting, as I first tested this item on my boyfriend, George, one night to make sure it wouldn't ruin my skin, lol!! We all know how this ends... He's mad because I left hickey-like marks all over him with this machine (and I drew a heart on him for fun, too šŸ˜). (This was before I read the instructions that specifically state to NOT leave the suction in one area for a long time). Oops..šŸ˜“ They obviously went away the next morning, sooo #SorryNotSorry

This machine comes with four heads for the suction probe. Each one has it's own function:

  1. Micro-Crystal Beauty Probe: Is used for facial dermabrasion
  2. Big Circular Hole Probe: Is used for blackheads, fat, and cosmetic residues
  3. Small Circular Hole Probe: Is used for the same except it's specifically for weaker skin around the eyes, etc.
  4. Oval Probe: Is for microgroove parts such as corner of eyes, cheeks, nose, etc.

The apparatus has high, medium, and low gears as well as a USB connector for charging. I've really only used the Big, Small, and Oval Probe to get the blackheads out of my nose on the highest setting. I didn't think to take before and after photos (shame on me), but I can definitely tell you that it works just as well as the Biore Pore Strips from the drug store!! The only difference is the suction makes your nose a little red, so I recommend doing this at night when you have nowhere else to go.

The suction literally pulls out the blackheads!! I bet you're wondering; "Where do the blackheads go!? That's so gross!!" Yes, it is gross, but they do stick to a filter that you can take out and replace (they come with a lot)! It also comes with silicon rings just in case the other ones break off the filtering cap.

Overall, I feel that this product is very strange, but cool at the same time! It's quite useful, but doesn't get ALL of the blackheads out. You really have to work rather than using pore strips.I like it because I have the option to do my own microdermabrasion at home without going to an aesthetician. NOTE:  If you do not use this properly, BE PREPARED to have hickeys all over your face. NO LIE.. The important part is to READ the instructions thoroughly before use. If your want to learn more about the apparatus, click here.

I do plan on doing a video update, so stay tuned for that!