DIY - LED Fairy Lights Cat Ears Headband

Hey Chicsters!

I recently went to Forever 21 to pick up a few items. I found THIS lovely Rhinestone Cat Ears Headband and HAD to get it!! I also had to come home to finish a product review on Bright Touch's LED Fairy Lights. I soon realized after wondering about how should I use them in a review that I could totally wrap these around my headband! It sounded like a far-fetched idea, but I was very determined.

They actually turned out cute tho...

LED Fairy Lights  without full 33 ft.

LED Fairy Lights without full 33 ft.

Now, that I know they work, here's a quick tutorial on how to make your own:

NOTE: I understand that these LED fairy lights can either come with a Battery Pack or USB, so you better have some Duracell, portable USB charger, or SOMETHING if you want these babies to shine bright ALL NIGHT.

1. Get some LED Fairy Lights.

I have these 33ft. LED Fairy Lights from Bright Touch (They are USB).

2. Get a Cat Ears Headband

I found mine at Forever 21.


3. Begin wrapping the wire starting at the edge of the headband, Applied desired thickness.

4. Make sure ears are fully covered.

5. Voila! NEW Cat Ears!!

What do you think about this DIY? What DIY's have you done with fairy lights?

Let us know in the comments below!!



Contributor: Stephanie Marley McMechan

Hi. I am Stephanie Marley McMechan. I have 5 years of online blogging experience to my credit. My title of beauty and budget fashion Examiner for the Jackson MS market stretched over 4 years. I was also an Ace Examiner, producing exclusive content for major companies.  I recently began a blog,, combining personal stories with lifestyle content and reviews. My addition to Peace Love Chic brings me back to my roots, so to speak of a love for lifestyle.


My view of lifestyle is sharing pertinent topics, the latest products, and items of unique interest. I believe choosing the very best of the market creates a deeper connection to our ever changing landscape. Beauty, fashion, travel, food, decor, and budget shopping (i.e. picker) are some of my personal favorites. I enjoy doing the tough research and homework. A "lifestyle" embraces the you today, and will shape the things that drive your tomorrow. Inspiring others while giving factual, informative content is what Peace Love Chic readers can expect from my posts.

Author: Stephanie Marley McMechan

Marilyn Who? - How I Got This Makeup Look!

By now you all should know that I am a sucker for makeup. It's quite the addiction to have, I must say... I know I have not been doing makeup tutorials lately, and I apologize for that. College, Part-time jobs, and YouTube streaming do not go well together! Now, it is summer, and I can finally get my groove back! (Now I'm thinking about that movie "How Stella got her groove Back")... 😑😑😑🙈



 This is an impromptu look that I mastered in a matter of.. Well.. An hour.

I came up with this look by accident, and my friends told me that I looked like the black Marilyn Monroe! (must have been the blonde hair lol).

I haven't decided on if I'm making a video tutorial yet, but I will tell you all of the products I used to achieve this look, and hopefully you too can achieve this same look, which makes me want to start a new trend... (Stay Tuned for the contest info soon)!


This oil is as good for your face as any other face oils and contains 15 essential plant oils to moisturize the skin and create flawless foundation application and that dewy finish we all crave! 

TIP: I like to mix in my foundation and the oil together, then apply it with a stippling brush for a more natural look.


This luxury foundation gives FULL coverage in 1-2 dots on the face! It's so thick that it'll cover anything, so be careful of how much you use. In this instance, a little really goes a long way.


I first used the eye shadow "Guilt Trip" to line my crease above the eye lid and "Tryst" to fill it in. Then I used the eye shadow "Suede" directly over it and blended to my brow bone with a fluffy brush.


This is one of my favorite palettes! It's clay infused, and It smells amazing too!! - Almost smells like chocolate 😁. After priming my lid, I used the color "Whisper" on half of my lid closest to the bridge of my nose. I then used "Crush" on the other half of the lid and blended it for a smoother look. I finally used "Heartbreaker" to darken the outer edge of my eyes and bottom lash line for a more dramatic look.

  • LASHES IN A BOX - The Makeup Show ✨EXCLUSIVE✨ (Available November 2016)👀

I feel super special about this product because I won tickets to The Makeup Show NYC a few weeks back, and I had the opportunity to network with multiple beauty vendors and purchase products at a HUGE discount! I also had access to The Makeup Show "only" exclusive items such as these beautiful 10 pair sat of handmade lashes by LASHES IN A BOX! They will not be available to the public until November 2016, so I'm going to make these babies last!


To accent my lashes even more (Not that they need it anyways), I used this creamy waterproof eyeliner to give my eyes that sexy, sultry look that will make everyone have a double take!  (Use on top and bottom lash line).


This palette is a DREAM! Every color you could ever want or need is in this very palette. I used the color "Nectar" to highlight my forehead, under eyes, cheekbones, bridge of my nose, chin, and slightly under the hollows of my cheeks. I also topped it with "Ben Nye Banana Powder to set. I then let that sit while I moved on to the contouring, and for that, I used a different product first: the L.A. Girl PRO Conceal HD Concealer in the color "Chestnut." I used this to contour around my hairline, sides of my nose, hollows of my cheeks, and jawline for definition. I then took my contouring brush to blend it in. After that, I went back to the NYX palette and used the color "Tan" and went back over the same areas to set the contour (make sure to BLEND)! I also went back with a clean face brush to wipe away any excess power from the banana powder.


I used this to blend in all of my highlighting and contouring I just did, so I could get a even look. I would recommend just a soft fluffy brush to blend. I then finished it off when the powder blush in the color "Raizin."


It's matte; It's waterproof. It's vibrant with color. What more could you want? I was skeptical at first of this lipstick because of the cheap price, but I am so glad I was proved wrong. I prefer this brand over my other upscale lipsticks (and that's saying A Lot). Another thing is the bright purple: I'm not one to venture out on colors, especially unnatural ones such as "Trickster," but I found that it fits me. The goal is: "Wear the lipstick, but don't let the lipstick wear you." So instead of going for Marilyn's bold and timeless red, I shot for Tika's "new and vibrant purple!"


Nobody better EVER walk out of their house without setting their makeup. If you do, I WILL FIND YOU & I WILL SPRAY YOU... This particular spray lets your makeup last all day/night without any shine (this is for all you matte finish lovers our there). You also have other options for the Dewy Finish setting spray. This was my final step in my makeup process.


Don't forget the BOMB ASS Wig that started it all!! I just received this baby from complementary for my honest and unbiased review, and honestly, I thought blonde would not look good on me, but it works, so I think I'll rock it for awhile! 😏  All I needed to do was wand curl it a bit to give it life and BOOM! Black Marilyn! 

I hope this article helped you some, and I would LOVE to see your interpretation of this look! 


Until Next Time...



10 Ways to Treat Yo Self

We constantly work hard, whether it's  long hours at our job, enormous amounts of classes, or just pleasing others that we are now so physically and emotionally drained to the point that we tend to forget about us and our needs. At that peak, we're not very useful anymore. - I am very guilty of this. 

There has to be a healthy balance between work and play. As the wise tale states: "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." It's sad, but true. Summer is rolling around, so school will be out of the picture for most of us (that's one stresser gone), but then there's work. Here are 10 ways you can treat yo self:

1. Take a Bubble Bath 

I'm not just talking to the ladies, either!! Men, too need to partake in this timeless relaxation method as well. Don't believe me? Here is a photo of my love, George after a long, hard day of work.  I told him I'd run him a bath, and he was obviously reluctant at first, but he gave in. Now he's listening to his favorite music while having beer in the tub! Love it.


2. Get a Manicure  

Now, this you can either do yourself with your mani kit at home, or you can head over to the nail salon! Either way, you're going to leave feeling ten million times better! 


3. Make a Spa Day 

Take an entire day to dedicate just to you, and run over to the spa! There, you can receive relaxing services such as facials and massages along with nature music and aromatherapy. If your spa is a bit too pricey, don't worry! You can go to your local store, pick up a scented candle as well as face masks, or if you're a DIY person, you can pick up natural ingredients to make your own face masks! For the massage, you can use a massage oil or just get coconut oil and massage yourself - or get your significant other to massage you. This is a great bonding moment.


4. Make a Badass Playlist 

And play it LOUD!!  


5. Save for a Quick Trip 

Need to get away for the weekend? Nothing feels better than knowing that you're working towards something amazing! George and I have been doing this and it really makes our trips (such as our trip to Orange Beach) that much more special knowing that we planned it together. So whether it be with family, friends, or love, you'll have a blast!


6. Watch a Movie in Bed 

Netflix & Chill? Why not slip into something comfy and watch some movies!?


7. Sleep

There is nothing wrong with doing absolutely NOTHING. I'm sure we all have catching up to do when it comes to sleep. I will definitely be utilizing this when I return home from college.


8. Have some (controlled) Retail Therapy 

This, by far, is my favorite on this list, BUT I stress "controlled" because we can definitely lose ourselves while shopping. Make a BUDGET for what you can spend and leave the rest at home. Go out and buy whatever you want that makes you happy and makes you feel good! 


9. Go Out for Dinner

Whether you have a hot date, or you're flying solo, you should always treat yourself to that fancy dinner! There's really nothing awkward about it (Who knows, you could meet some cutie while you're there) . 


10. Unplug 

Being in the technological age, a lot of us don't really know what "Unplugging" or "Going off the Grid"  is or how it can really help our psyche. I went six weeks without electronics and connection to the outside world other than handwritten letters, and I can honestly say that it was the freest I have ever felt since childhood. Am I expecting you to do that? Not at all. But if you can ever go a day or two off the grid without people flipping out, take advantage of that. 

(Make sure you watch all of my VIDEOS before you do 😉)!


These are some of my ideas on how to Treat Yo Self! I wanna know how you Treat Yo Self! Comment down below!


Until Next Time...