5 Skincare Secrets You Didn't Know About

"How do I get skin like the super models?!"

It seems as though we all have to go through so many hoops to find that one regimen for our skin that will help us achieve the perfect look!! Truth be told, it is not and will not be easy to achieve. but if there is any solace when it comes to skin, simple secrets and tips that have worked for others is definitely a place to start.

Keep reading for skincare advice you never thought you'd need!

As a model, I have tried many regimens that were definitely HIT or MISS. There were so many more Misses than Hits for sure, and it can be daunting. So the recurring question is: "How do I get skin like the super models?" Here are some of their secrets that have been shared!


You may have cringed a little after seeing this as the first secret, but it really does work! At 21, I even feel like I should have used eye cream a lot earlier! (Crazy Right)!? Eye cream helps PREVENT wrinkles, fine lines, and puffiness as waiting to use it when you already have it is already too late. Kendall Jenner and Victoria's Secret, Stella Maxwell consider eye cream an essential to their beauty routine. Do you stay up late, or are you a simply college kid? Eye cream is the way to go.


Yes, it's what it sounds like.... And even better; It helps get rid of dark circles! Calvin Klein Model, Victoria Brito, says to slice a potato into little pepperoni slices and place each one over your eye for 15-20 minutes once a week. She swears that after five repetitions, you'll see a drastic difference! This is definitely a Must-Try as it is unique and cheap!


This is another beauty tip from Kendall. Although this may seem like a very simple and obvious rule, when it comes to skincare, it couldn't be closer to the truth. Your face is very sensitive to anything it comes in contact with, even your own hands! Your hands are very dirty, and even after washing them, you still get bacteria on them. This will lead to acne breaks as well as other issues. If you're a picker, it's time to stop touching your face!! You'll reap the results of breaking such a habit!


I am very guilty of this... As a beauty blogger, I get many products, including skincare to test in return for my honest review, which has caused me to drift away from my regular routine. This can also cause breakouts and irritate the skin because it is not used to all of those products! I have made a point to not try new skincare unless my routine is no longer working for me.


This is an important one! Invest in your skin, and it will reward you back with glowing skin! - You may even stop wearing makeup! Going to an aesthetician once a month for facials and skin treatments is so good for your skin and body, as they are specialized in all skin types and can put you on the road to the skin you're wanting to achieve. They have so many treatments from regular facials down to microdermabrasion and skin peels! It's well worth the money for gorgeous skin!


What are some tips and tricks you like to use for flawless skin? Let us know in the comments below!!