Get Kylie Jenner's Style! Fall Edition

Found some cute fall looks from Kylie Jenner, and thought I'd share my cheap alternatives to achieve these simple, yet stylish outfits!

Get the look for less:

                                                  Matching Hat & Shoes



Trapper Hat - Forever 21 $19.90


Boots -UGG $195 (or find some cheap replicas)


Longline Bomber Jacket - Forever 21 $49.90


Classic Raglan Sweater - Forever 21 $12.90


Skinny Jeans - Forever 21 $14.90




Long Coat & Tall Boots



Longline Belted Coat - Forever 21 $22.90


City Sleek - Black Boot - Lola Shoetique $62.99










Matching Sweats





Cropped Hoodie - American Apparel $45.00


Sweatpants - American Apparel $38.00







Motorcycle Jacket & Gray Hoodie



Gray Hoodie - Forever 21 $22.90


Faux Leather Moto Jacket - Forever 21 $34.90


Faux Leather Satchel - Forever 21 $27.90


Buckled Faux Leather Booties - Forever 21 $34.90


Skinny Jeans - Forever 21 $14.90







Happy Shopping!

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#OOTD - "Fall Chic"

#OOTD "Fall Chic"

Shop the look:

  1. Fashion Turtle Neck Trapeze Dress
  2. Black PU Leather Solid Shoulder Bag
  3. Black PU-Trim Horn Button Hooded Woolen Cape
  4. Green Faux Stone Statement Necklace

Do you Love shopping, but on a budget? Do you Want quality products for cheaper prices? Do you enjoy frugal finds? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you'll love OASAP! OASAP is a women's fashion company that sells quality clothing and accessories for less. Today, I have made an Outfit of the Day for you  just to give you a glimpse of what they have to offer!! 👗👠👜

The fashion turtle neck trapeze dress, just stood out to me. It doesn't have to be bold cause even delicate neutral colors can be eye catching. The Black PU Leather Shoulder Bag just gives that perfect contrast with the dress, but you knew that already because we all know that black and gray work perfectly together right? 😱 Now, the black cape just had to be in the #OOTD because it is just So. Darn. Fabulous!!! I think we all should have a cape. Just one. In every color.  To top off this outfit, we must have jewelry! I feel that the green faux stone statement necklace is the perfect addition to completing the #OOTD!

If you enjoyed, make sure to check out these items and OASAP's new arrivals!

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Balmain x Collection Crashes!

The brand new Balmain Paris collection just launched early this morning in H&M stores across the country and online, and has already sold out Completely, thus causing to crash!  I obviously was not able to participate in the fun since there were no items left online other than a few bandeaux and that I do not live near a stand alone H&M store that was holding the early event.  😔

From what I'm seeing, a stampede of shoppers have already been putting their new limited edition items on eBay for up to $1,800; but for the right price and the right type of fashion, the right person will buy. Gotta love In-Demand products!

These items have a very futuristic and wealthy feel to them. I feel like anybody who spends a few hundred dollars on this will feel like a million bucks. So Avant-garde; so Chic. 

Here's the video that started it all:

MOST STUNNING goes to...

This Beautiful Sequin-Embroidered Dress in Green.

I can't tell you how much I love this dress and this color! I can honestly see why this sold out, and is going for over twice as much as the original price on eBay! I truly feel like this is one of those dresses I will never get my hands on until years from now where maybe, just MAYBE, someone will want to give this dress up. *sigh*

Sequin-Embroidered Dress $199

Sequin-Embroidered Dress $199

I took a few screenshots to show you the Men & Women's line and what you may possibly find on eBay.

Good luck out there, and happy shopping! 

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