Everything You Need To Know About Microblading Your Eyebrows

It's all about BROWS!!

There's no question that eyebrows are one of the most important features. We spend countless minute (Even HOURS) trying to make sure our brows are "Fleekalicious" by using Gels, Pencils, and even Tattoos. But now, there's a more natural approach that will not take up hours daily and will not be permanent either...

Ladies and Gents..... Welcome to the world of Microblading!

 Microblading has become a HOT topic in 2017, and this Semi-Permanent Brows trend will surely have an affect on everyday life!

Looking to get this procedure done? Keep reading for the inside scoop on what it's like to get the brows of your dreams with Microblading!

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a process where the Microblading Specialist uses a microblading pen to draw on hair strokes using a special ink. Unlike permanent tattooing, this is a more meticulous procedure in which the individual hair strokes are drawn on one by one.

How Long is the Procedure?

The procedure normally takes around 2 hours to complete since it's very meticulous. There is also a 40 minute follow-up session for any touch-ups they may be needed. This is about a month after eyebrows healing from your first session.

Is Microblading for Me?

 Microblading is for anyone looking to upgrade or adjust their brows in some form or fashion. If you have over plucked or uneven brows, this is the perfect procedure for you! You can completely reconstruct, cover up gaps, define your brows, and even do simple Fill-Ins to get your desired look!

Does Microblading Hurt?

This has to be the most asked question for Microblading! Numbing cream is normally applied before the procedure begins to prevent any discomfort. Some people, like me, felt a slight discomfort, but it's a relatively painless procedure.

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How Long Will My New Brows Last?

They vary between 2-3 years! Pretty awesome right!? Some may require a touch-up once a year for maintenance, but compared to doing eyebrows every single day, I say that's a PLUS! This procedure is very low maintenance. Once they heal, you can literally do whatever!! #SmudgeFree!!!!


Depending on where you live and the market, the entire process can cost anywhere between $600-800. This is definitely pricey, but can be work it for perfect brows all day, everyday!!









Day before Microblading Procedure!


I hopped on the microblading trend and got mine done because I have fairly uneven eyebrows (it's more noticeable after getting them waxed vs. grown out busy brows). I also had a small slit in one of my eyebrows where hair would not grow for some reason, so it looked weird without filling in. I put all my trust in Makeup Artist (and now Microblading Artist) Vanessa who was kind enough to help me start my microblading journey! Make sure to follow her work on Instagram: @the_real_beautyandtheblush and her website: Beauty and the Blush!! 

My main issue was not being able to get them wet, even in the shower! It was hard for me to isolate them and keep them dry while washing my face. I didn't really experience pain until the third day, in which making facial expressions was quite painful lol. I did experience itching immediately, and it's PURE TORTURE not being able to scratch my eyebrows because not only would that result in excruciating PAIN, but it would mess up the ink. No Thanks.






Day 1

Eyebrows already looking good!


Peeling did not start for me until day 5-7. After that was finished, it was smooth sailing from there! I had my graduation photos and graduation commencement the same week of my healing process (Dumb, I know), so I had to get creative with my make because I could not put makeup on my brows AT ALL. I got smart and used concealer around my brows to give me the look wanted for my photos and ceremony (I was honestly surprised at how well it turned out)!


Day 3

Healing process: No makeup on the eyebrows! Post-Grad Photos

Day 3 Healing Process

Most natural looking brows EVER! #Flawless


College Graduate


Even though this is only my first session, I am happy with the results so far because it has already made my makeup regiment SO. MUCH. EASIER. I know that I will need a few more sessions to get my PERFECT brows, but it the meantime, I'm glad I can wake up to even brows, and not spend damn near 30+ minutes on my brows alone! It's more like 1 minute now (I kid you not)!

Overall, if you are thinking or have been thinking about microblading your eyebrows, I would recommend doing it! To have little-to-no effort when it comes to eyebrows is definitely worth it! 

Would you consider trying Microblading? Let us know your thoughts on the Microblading trend in the comments BELOW!!