Got Space Buns?

Having trouble constantly styling your hair? Are you looking for a more convenient, yet stylish way to wear your hair? You're NOT alone!! Sometimes we need new and interesting things to do with our hair, especially if it's short.

I have an issue with getting very bored of my short hair, so I like to go on Pinterest to finds ways to mix it up a bit!  That something was Space Buns! I adore wearing Space Buns as this is the most adorable hairstyle one could wear no mater the age!!


Check out my tutorial on how to achieve a space bun look that's "Out of this world!"


Have medium to long hair? Make sure to also check out these great hair ideas on Space Buns!



"Tired as a Mother" Wine Glass by KimHearts | Review

I came across this wine glass and thought it was the most fascinating thing! My first thoughts were: "GLITTER on a WINE GLASS!?!? There's no way!" I HAD to try this out for myself. I contacted Kim, the owner of KimHearts, and she sent me this beautiful wine glass in return for my honest review. So let's get to it, shall we?!

First Impression

First off, I love that the owner has a great personality and is an entrepreneur! She is loving wife and a mother of two! She works very hard making these "Shiny Things." She specializes in custom glasses like this one.


This one is particular has the saying: "Tired as a Mother" referring to a tired mommy needing her glass of wine after a long day with the kids, which is true! It's not easy being a mother (Trust me, I was not an easy child to raise, so thank you Mommy for putting up with my Sh*t)!! Obviously, being me, I originally thought it meant "Tired as a Mother F*****." That would be me though. Same thing. ANYWAYS...

I am in awe with how shiny it is... I mean, GLITTER!! Who doesn't like glitter? (If you don't UNSUBSCRIBE NOW). I am so glad Kim put a disclaimer to ONLY hand wash this thing because I would have totally thrown it in the dishwasher and destroyed it!

I do love that the glitter does not come off, which is KEY. Did I mention that you can get the glitter in different colors!?!? Yes. Yes, you can. I also thoroughly appreciate the fact that she customized it to me by putting my name on the back! I will always drink my wine out of this now. I shall call this my "Special Cup."


Final Thoughts

I really, really, really love this glass. It is cute, it has personality, and it is efficient. I recommend this wine glass if you're looking for something personalized that screams "YOU!" NOTE: These are handmade, so they will slightly vary. Also, it can take up to a week for shipping as they have to be made. So yeah, go CHECK IT OUT!! This particular wine glass can be found here. The link to her store can be found here

I hope you enjoyed this read as I enjoyed writing it while sipping from my "Special Cup." ;)



COLLAB ALERT: Alexis Ren X Colourpop Collab Still In Stock!


This has been one of the most anticipated collaborations of all time! After weeks of teasers, the AlexisXColourpop collaboration dropped this morning, Feb. 3rd! I am a huge fan of Colourpop, and I can assure you that this is definitely worth all the fuss!

If you're curious to what they have, here's a list:

  • Ultra Satin Lip
  • Ultra Matte Lip
  • Blotted Lip
  • Pressed Powder Duo

There's currently a limit of two face powder duos per customer (But you can buy all the lippies your heart desires)!!!!

Stock up on the babies while supplies last!!





Jolia Hair Brazilian Straight from AMAZON!! | Review

This hair is truly silky and beautiful! I've never had hair past 22 inches, so it was definitely something to get used to. I received two bundles of 26 inch hair, and my first impression was that the bundles were much thicker than I expected. Normally, the longer the hair, the thinner the weft, but these were full bundles! There were some stray hairs closer to the end, and they would float from static electricity, but once you tame it, the hair is great. I sewed on come clips to the wefts and clipped them between my natural hair, and I love it! It responds great to water and dry shampoo/conditioner, since I workout a lot. I've gotten more compliments on this look more than any other hair I've ever worn. I'll definitely be rocking this look for a while!

I hope you enjoyed my Hair review with my custom clip-ins I made with it!! Let me know what you think in the comments below!!✨



Disclaimer: I received this product deeply discounter in return for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Until Next Time...