BLACK FRIDAY EXCLUSIVE - You're in for a ✨Treat✨ with the Too Faced - Chocolate Bar Trio!!😍

Too Faced really outdid themselves on this one... Without a moment to lose, the first 5,000 lucky shoppers (including myself) raced to the checkout finish line to purchase the BEST Black Friday deal on Earth - The Chocolate Bar Palette Trio for $97!!!! These literally sold out in hours!!

Today, a Beauty Blogger's dream has come true: She received three eyeshadow palettes for the price of two that fills the room with the aroma of chocolate with a total of 48 different colors!!!!

I thought I would give my first impression review of these gorgeous products as this is my first time buying these palettes, and ordering directly from their site! (Plus, I also took some pretty AWESOME photos)!!

Let the Games BEGIN...


Presentation is EVERYTHING!

I was very surprised to see such an adorable box with a printed bow on top! It's by far the cutest shipping box I have every seen!


Very Clever!!

I also appreciate the play on words here! It's very witty! (And who doesn't love confetti)!?!?


Free Samples & Discounts? Yes, PLEASE!!

20% Off Discount Card +FREE Samples!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20% Off Discount Card +FREE Samples!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I am literally in awe by these beauties from the packaging all the way down to the coco powder infused eye shadows!!!! I shall be making many tutorials with these palettes!!

Let's take a closer look...

Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection

Chocolate Bon Bons Eye Shadow Collection

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am very impressed with  these palettes and the way they were handled in the mail. I've come across a lot of broken makeup, but these palettes were untouched, which is a plus! Another thing i love is the packaging, and the creative effort that was used to truly personalized the experience of the consumer. These shadows vary from matte to shimmer and look very pigmented! I hope that is the car, because I love color, but not chalky color! If I have time, maybe I will do a swatch on these colors to show you how that look!! I'm am happy with this purchase; and in my opinion, this is the BEST Black Friday Deal that has happened to the makeup industry!!!! So far so good! I'll keep you updated!


What do you think about the Too Faced Chocolate Eye Shadow Trio!? Let us know in the comments below!!




Top MUST-HAVE Makeup Palettes

1. BECCAxJaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette

This Limited Edition palette is a Must-Have for Fall, and they're running out fast! I had to get my hands on this the week it came out!

These shimmering skin perfecters featuring Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop give you the perfect highlight and glow to any part of the face, while your mineral blush Amaretto & Pamplemousse and luminous blush Rose Spritz give you that beautiful pop of color and contour for your cheeks.

They are sold out on, so I suggest getting on the wait list or check your local Sephora to see if they have any left in stock!

2. Too Faced "Power Of Makeup" by Nikkie Tutorials Palette

This is another Limited Edition palette that is definitely on my Must-Have list, and I have yet to purchase it! (Good thing it's still available)! Who wouldn't want this gorgeous palette from Too Faced & YouTube's makeup guru Nikkie Tutorials!?

In the palette, you get nine eyeshadows, two Love Flush Long-Lasting Blush, a highlighter in Champagne Truffle, and the famous Chocolate Soleil Bronzer!

Did I mention the awesome add-ons of your all time favs including the Deluxe Better Than Sex Mascara (Limited Edition in a PURPLE Shade)!? Other add-ons include Sketch Marker Liquid Art in Deep Black, deluxe glittering Glamour Dust in Blue Angel, and deluxe Shadow Insurance 24-Hour Eye Primer!

3. Too Faced & Kat Von D 'Better Together' Collection Palette (COMING SOON)

When Too Face and Kat Von D fans heard of this collaboration, all were in very high approval that they are indeed "Better Together.' 

@TooFaced made a stunning Instagram debut of the product and stating: "We are so excited to officially announce our collab with @katvondbeauty! Inspired by love, true friendship and a passion for makeup, because we are BETTER TOGETHER. Get ready to fall in love... #toofacedxkatvond #toofacedWith over 173,000 likes, we're sure many people approve of this collaboration! 

These magnetic halves can actually be taken apart and are double-sided!! From what we see, it looks like beautiful back stories on how the two met, and more about the collaboration!

Exclusive Launch Date: It is said that this amazing limited-edition collection will be available exclusively at Sephora on December 26, 2016!

4. Peanut Butter and Jelly Eye Shadow Collection - Too Faced


I absolutely ADORE this palette!! I will be buying this from Too Faced soon because this Limited Edition eye shadow palette is now back IN STOCK, which means it's super popular and won't last long! I mean.. It is PB & J! You get a combination of nine matte and shimmer shades that are highly pigmented, and I can only imagine the amount of looks you can make with this palette! 


What do you think about these makeup palettes? What are your Must-Have makeup palettes? Let us know in the comments below!

Until Next Time...