Designer Jewelry Rental?! - Rocksbox

Have you ever seen an piece of jewelry that was so hot , you know you couldn't touch it? Have you ever said to yourself "Man, if I could just borrow that  necklace and wear it for a night or two, my life would be complete."? Or maybe you wanted a rent-to-own type of situation.

Look no further, my friends.... Rocksbox is the solution to your Dilemma!

I just did a first impression unboxing of my very own Rocksbox, and I must say, I'm pretty impressed.

Rocksbox is a Jewelry Loan Company that costs $19/month (Get your 1st month FREE with my code: MARTIKABFF), and let's you choose your favorite jewelry they have to offer, and your receive 3 pieces a month to show off, and then swap out!

They really make you feel special by personalizing your box and giving you custom greetings, and get this.... Your very own Jewelry Designer/Stylist just for YOU!

The steps to become a Shine Insider:

  1. Take a Survey - This survey asks you about your personal tastes and style, which helps your stylist choose the perfect items for your box. You also get to make a Wishlist of your favorite jewelry piece they have to offer!
  2. Receive Your 3 Pieces on Loan - Now you get to rock your items that your stylist chose from your wishlist as well as review them on the site!
  3. Return Any Item to get 3 NEW Pieces - You can return items as often as you like with your return shipping label (already included)

The best part about this is if you absolutely love a piece in your box and want to keep it, you can purchase that item! (You also get $10 in Shine Spend towards your purchase every month)! Awesome right!?!?

I will definitely be rocking my new items I received so stay tuned!

If you all are interested in trying this out of just curious, try your first month FREE with my code: MARTIKABFF and let me know what you think!!

Until Next Time...