LUSH Unboxing - First Impression

Now I've never been one to like "Bath Time," but after trying out these products by Lush, things are about about to change drastically.

I have heard the name Lush before, but I never knew what they were about. I never tried any of their products either. My mother is a HUGE Lush fan and definitely enjoys her downtime, unlike me who is constantly on the move. 

She sent me a package as a surprise, so I decided to film an unboxing video with my roommate, Sarah! Click the link below to enjoy my reactions to what I received! All I can say is that it was perfect timing since my surgery was literally a week away; it's as though my mother knew I was going to need that time to relax. 

I am glad to have received this box because I have used each product every day since my surgery, and I truly have embraced Bath Time and I know now that I should definitely take advantage of the down time that I do have. 

You never know how stressed you are and how much you need that bath until you actually get in it.