BLACK FRIDAY EXCLUSIVE - You're in for a ✨Treat✨ with the Too Faced - Chocolate Bar Trio!!😍

Too Faced really outdid themselves on this one... Without a moment to lose, the first 5,000 lucky shoppers (including myself) raced to the checkout finish line to purchase the BEST Black Friday deal on Earth - The Chocolate Bar Palette Trio for $97!!!! These literally sold out in hours!!

Today, a Beauty Blogger's dream has come true: She received three eyeshadow palettes for the price of two that fills the room with the aroma of chocolate with a total of 48 different colors!!!!

I thought I would give my first impression review of these gorgeous products as this is my first time buying these palettes, and ordering directly from their site! (Plus, I also took some pretty AWESOME photos)!!

Let the Games BEGIN...


Presentation is EVERYTHING!

I was very surprised to see such an adorable box with a printed bow on top! It's by far the cutest shipping box I have every seen!


Very Clever!!

I also appreciate the play on words here! It's very witty! (And who doesn't love confetti)!?!?


Free Samples & Discounts? Yes, PLEASE!!

20% Off Discount Card +FREE Samples!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20% Off Discount Card +FREE Samples!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I am literally in awe by these beauties from the packaging all the way down to the coco powder infused eye shadows!!!! I shall be making many tutorials with these palettes!!

Let's take a closer look...

Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection

Chocolate Bon Bons Eye Shadow Collection

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am very impressed with  these palettes and the way they were handled in the mail. I've come across a lot of broken makeup, but these palettes were untouched, which is a plus! Another thing i love is the packaging, and the creative effort that was used to truly personalized the experience of the consumer. These shadows vary from matte to shimmer and look very pigmented! I hope that is the car, because I love color, but not chalky color! If I have time, maybe I will do a swatch on these colors to show you how that look!! I'm am happy with this purchase; and in my opinion, this is the BEST Black Friday Deal that has happened to the makeup industry!!!! So far so good! I'll keep you updated!


What do you think about the Too Faced Chocolate Eye Shadow Trio!? Let us know in the comments below!!




Vanish Foundation Stick is #VirtualSkinPerfection

I was fortunate enough to be part of a sampling of Influencers to receive the new Hourglass Cosmetics Vanish Foundation stick.  Influenster's huge following of devoted product fans and reviewers is a super group to belong to. The perks of membership are incredible. It includes being selected for campaigns where companies send out boxes of products for absolutely no charge! Imagine that, just for your opinion and enjoyment. As someone who loves trying brand new items, I couldn't believe that one of my favorite beauty brands, Hourglass, was part of this program. 

Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick is a long wearing formula. It provides a satin finish with a powder's staying power. The brand says it lasts 12 hours! So incredible indeed. VanishSeamless Foundation Stick came to me in the Amber shade. My skin has a yellow undertone, and often is hard to fit because it also has a bit of a beige tone too. I am definitely golden without any red or orange. I had to second guess myself about 20 times after clicking the button to select the shade. Fortunately, it was completely right! Yasss! It is always more rewarding to actually not look orange in natural light. The tone of this stick was pretty much spot on. 

The stick has not a flaw, just flawless. Holding it is like touching a piece of smooth, cool marble. The packaging is substantial. The cap stays put, so it is perfect for people like me who travel fairly often. I feel very confident tossing it into my makeup bag, or even in my handbag. The color of the tube is beautiful and rich, with tonal swirls. 

Application is easier with the coordinating foundation brush. Not only this, but the look of the brush is vanity perfect. Swiping the stick on the cheek, forehead, chin, and nose is all that is required to make a full beautiful face of natural buildable coverage. And the gorgeous smoothing effect literally takes away those little fine lines. I couldn't detect those pesky reminders of my impending 41st birthday at all. ;) 

I cannot stop glowing and raving about how my experience with this product so far. I typically don't get overboard on a foundation, but this one is special. I like a lighter coverage to allow my few freckles to come through. I immediately felt pretty after applying it. And I didn't have much worry over it melting off in the humidity. This will work well in the fitness center. 

Hourglass makes other phenomenal products as well, such as the Mineral Veil primer which I highly recommend. Visit their site for an immersion in this line.

Hourglass Cosmetics Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick with Vanish Foundation Brush

Hourglass + Influenster Vox Box. 

Selfie after using Hourglass Cosmetics Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick in Amber.  

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. 


#BestOf2015 - Beauty Review

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

I started a new skincare journey this year, and this cleanser has helped me immensely along the way. I noticed a big difference with my skin after using this cleanser. My skin has brightened up for sure.





Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta® Peel Extra Strength Daily Peel

I have had such a great experience using these pads for my dark spots and texture on my skin! It's like having a glycolic peel in your pocket! I will definitely be ordering these more often.


Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed - Champagne Pop

 I am a HUGE fan of Champagne Pop!! This shimmer bundle of joy will brighten up any skin tone as it has mine! This, to me, is THE Go-To highlight for all your highlighting needs. You will never go a day without it - I promise you. I find myself putting this on at work every day.



Make Up Forever Mat Velvet+

This is the only foundation that helps control my oil skin and gives me that matte finish I'm looking for. I am so glad I found this!





Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick - Lolita

This liquid lipstick is amazing! I've been waiting forever for this color to get back in stock, and when it did, I finally understood what the fuss was about! This color is beautiful on any skin tone.





Black | Up Blush - NLB 12 Burgundy

This gorgeous blush is very intense in color, but has a radiant glow that will brighten up any smile! I adore this color and found that it compliments me even better with lighter hair color! It's long lasting and a little goes a long way. You'll never run out of this blush! 




TMF Glitz - Lipnotic Glitz Lipstick

This has to be the most creative beauty product EVER! Glitter Lipstick? Indeed, it is! I thoroughly enjoy putting on these vibrant colors and showing off my glammed up lips! 






SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Eyeshadow - Hollywood's Calling N82

I absolutely love Sephora Collection's eyeshadows, but this one takes the cake. "Hollywood's Calling" has been my go to shadow for the month of December. I have worn it for casual days and rocked it for the Christmas parties. Either way, this color is flawless and perfect for any occasion!