MINI HAUL + Sephora Skincare Class

It is my job as a beauty blogger to stay up to date on the trends and to inform you of what's HOT and what's NOT.

I attend Sephora classes regularly to learn tips and tricks towards better skin and flawless makeup (maybe even pick up a few new products along the way). :)

Last week, I attended the Skincare Basics class, and it's definitely revealing in every way:


  • No Makeup WHATSOEVER

  • Explaining your deepest skin concerns

  • The WORST..: Fessing up to your REAL Skincare Habits

Dun.. Dun.. DUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Dramatic Music)


I was so far so good with those 3 above :

  • Cleansed my face/neck Day & Night

  • Cleanse my face/neck with a Konjac Sponge

  • Toned my skin

  • Used a charcoal mask three times a week for oiliness 



I explained that I only had one cleanser (an exfoliate) and didn't really use a moisturizer!!

I got called out so quick lol


That's when I learned very quickly about how crucial it is to educate yourself on AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Even when you think you know it all, YOU DON'T.

I learned so much at this skincare class, even things I've never heard of such as the "Double Cleanse." (VERY IMPORTANT) - This is where you use two different cleansers to thoroughly clean the makeup, dirt, and excess oil from the skin.

Savannah Gray, our lovely teacher for the morning, gave a great example on how to properly  apply and remove the products.

Now I DID NOT know that you're supposed to apply your cleansers on dry skin, Yes, DRY SKIN (even if you still have makeup on). This is to help the cleanser work harder and really break up everything.

Then, you use an already wet cleaning device - Konjac Sponge, Clarisonic, etc. to help thoroughly get that dirt out, and then you wash it all of and get ready for round two with the next cleanser! (My second cleanser was my exfoliate, which is too used on your dried skin).

Now, if your second cleanser is an exfoliate, please DO NOT used your cleaning device! It will be too abrasive on your skin.

At the end, they taught us about the BB creams, and using that as a light foundation to wear out and also how it has SPF in them. (Can't express how important sunscreen is)!!!


Now the FUN Part: The Haul!!


I purchased two products from this class:


FRESH: Soy Face Cleanser



  • Bestselling Cleanser

  • Rids of impurities and makeup, including mascara

  • Doesn't strip the skin of essential moisture

  • Rich in Amino Acids and Soy Protein

  • Gives the appearance of Firmness

  • Includes rosewater that balances and tones the skin

  • Includes calming Cucumber Extract & Borage Seed Oil


SMASHBOX: Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35


  • 5-in-1 formula (Moisturizes, Primes, Perfects, Controls Oil, & Protects for flawless skin)

  • Great for all skin types

  • Visibly Reduces Fine lines & Wrinkles after four weeks

  • Provides Hydration

  • Features SPF 35 Sun Protection




SEPHORA COLLECTION: Express Eye Makeup Remover Pads

These pads are very gentle on the eyes, while getting rid of the toughest eye makeup with its textured wipes.


BELIF: The True Cream - Aqua Bomb Moisturizer

This product does not only smell refreshing, but feels refreshing! It really hydrates your skin, and minimizes the appearance of pores, which is a plus for me!



Alpha Beta Peel Extra Strength Daily Peel

Ever tried Glycolic Peels at the spa? Think of this product as an at home more gentle version of that, but with the skin peeling part! This product is perfect for those trying to fix texture issues and improve the appearance of their skin over time. I've seen a huge improvement just doing the sample packs for 3 days! I'm honestly addicted...


All of these products are HOT, and I recommend them to anyone looking to perfect their skin and routine!!



  • What do you think about the Routine & Products listed above? 

  • Do you have any beauty tips from your routine you'd like to share?

  • What are your favorite skincare products?


Until Next Time...

XOXO - Tika