Couture Fashion Wishlist - Fall 2015

Let's be honest...

You know you catch yourself drooling over that Chanel handbag or pair of Prada shoes that just hit the runway, and you're just itching to hear those words: READY-TO-WEAR.

Or maybe that's just me....

Regardless, I thought I'd share my favorite items on the market right now!


Burberry: Classic Cashmere Scarf in Camel Check

This scarf has to be my favorite in the entire collection! It's also the original, but I feel that it's the truest to the company. If I could have this scarf, I'd rock it all day every day. Literally. But even the classics are worth a pretty penny; This beauty goes for $475!


Chanel: Round Metal Sunglasses Paved with Metallic Fantasy Pearls


Now what to say about these beauties.....? Love, Love, FREAKIN LOVE!!!!!! They are hella adorable, and I can't stop obsessing.  

But you know, these babies only go for $600... No Biggie.



Christian Louboutin: Bobsleigh Pierre Suede Shoes

Now what kind of Couture Fashion Wishlist would this be without our favorite Loubies!?

These sleek, adorable booties will go with anything, Literally ANYTHING in your closet! And that crimson red detail... is... Everything..!

They're currently sold out at $995, But hey.. A Girl can dream.


Kate Spade: Cedar Street Maise Shoulder Bag


I had to showcase both colors because I find them to be equally beautiful!! Out of all the amazing handbags Kate Spade had to offer, these stood out the most to me.

The sleek design (I seem to be liking that here recently) is so chic, and gives off this complex simplicity. Your oxymoron for the day lol.

These darling bags go for $368 each and are worth every penny, I'm sure.




Saint Laurent: Asymmetrical Mini Dress in Black, Viscose Sable and Crystal Studs

Now, you know I had to go all out for this one lol. This dress may look plain, but I've seen it on the model, and it's pretty fabulous, but what designer clothing isn't fabulous?

You'd wear this outfit on a smoking hot date or when you're trying to make your big debut, and it better be BIG for this $2,990 investment.


So, I just realized that every one of these pieces compliment each other very well, so I technically made an outfit idea for you! 



What's your favorite designer?

Do you have a fashion wishlist?

Share below!!

Until Next Time...


Martika Ross