Hairstyles You Need This Spring: Behind The Scenes


Hey Chicsters!!

Spring is around the corner, and it's time to switch up not only our closet full of outfits, but our hair! After Winter, we use Spring as a time to literally blossom from the depths of your houses or apartments (especially if you're in the northeast). Since you'll be showing off your new outfits inspired by runway, why not show off that NEW hairstyle?


Two Must-Have hairstyles for Spring 2017:

A Studio 0912 Tresses Fashion Shoot Exclusive


Let's go Behind The Scenes with Studio 0912 Tresses.

Studio 0912 Tresses is a high-end salon housing some of the most prestigious master stylist in the hair game! You can find this gem in the heart of Montclair, New Jersey. I had the pleasure of being invited to the fashion shoot to get the Inside Scoop on the new Spring looks that were being worked on. Here's the scoop:


The Blunt Bob

If you want your hair to make a statement, then blunt is the way to go! Master Stylist, Shamila McEachin slays this cut.

Stylist:  Shamila McEachin   Photographer:  Makenna Katz   Model:  Selina

Stylist: Shamila McEachin

Photographer: Makenna Katz

Model: Selina


A Pop of Color

Nothing screams "making a statement" more than a pop of color! All eyes will be on you with this #BerryCute hairdo!

Stylist:  Shamila McEachin   Photographer:  Makenna Katz   Model:  Tamija h

Stylist: Shamila McEachin

Photographer: Makenna Katz

Model: Tamijah


Behind the Hair:



Shamila McEachin is a New Jersey Award - Winning Hairstylist and the owner of Studio 0912 Tresses. She is Certified through Vidal Sassoon LA/NY, Devachaun, and L'Oreal. Originally a Newark Native, Shamila has pursued her dreams as a Master Stylist and Master Colorist and has built an enterprise from the ground up. 




Where are you from?
        "I am from the great City of Newark, New Jersey where Ras J. Baraks is Mayor."

What formal training do you have?
       "Sassoon Academy, New York and Los Angles."

What is your specialty?
        "Cutting and Colour."

Why did you choose the Township of Montclair to have your business?
        "The Township of Montclair embraces small businesses.  I have had support from day one from the Montclair Business District which collaborates and includes all the businesses in the network to flourish. The MBD always offers information to the business community on various programs,  forums, and one-on-ones to just be a re-enforcement of support." 


Why did you choose this profession?
        "I truly believe that I am an artist.  I take pride in my work, and the end result is always rewarding for me. The look in the clients eyes when I nail the look is so gratifying.  I'm extremely blessed to have such a skill and to love what I do."


What is your dream job?
        "My dream job is to be an international platform artist; someone who is part educator, communicator, salesperson and entertainer. The platform artist performs on stage, mostly at industry trade shows to promote styling techniques, tools or products, while my business is still  fully operational, thriving here in Montclair.


If you're looking for new, fun Spring hairstyles, make sure to check back for more!! Also, if you're in the North Jersey area, or plan on traveling up here,

be sure to stop by Studio 0912 Tresses and get your new look for Spring!!

Book your appointment TODAY @ (973) 655-0125 !!

Studio 0912 Tresses

209 Glenridge Ave, Montclair, NJ 07042

XOXO- Tika


Weird Product Alert: Beauty Apparatus Review

The Weijing Xi Hei Tou Beauty Apparatus has to be the most interesting beauty tool I've used. Here's the scoop:

This tool is a beauty apparatus for Microdermabrasion and extracting acne and fat. The microdermabrasion and acne part I can understand, but the FAT!? I'm still figuring that part out honestly. I can't imagine sucking out my "Face Fat..."😂 Pretty much, in English terms, it's a blackhead suction pore cleaner for your face! Pretty cool and weird, huh?

My personal experience has been interesting, as I first tested this item on my boyfriend, George, one night to make sure it wouldn't ruin my skin, lol!! We all know how this ends... He's mad because I left hickey-like marks all over him with this machine (and I drew a heart on him for fun, too 😏). (This was before I read the instructions that specifically state to NOT leave the suction in one area for a long time). Oops..😓 They obviously went away the next morning, sooo #SorryNotSorry

This machine comes with four heads for the suction probe. Each one has it's own function:

  1. Micro-Crystal Beauty Probe: Is used for facial dermabrasion
  2. Big Circular Hole Probe: Is used for blackheads, fat, and cosmetic residues
  3. Small Circular Hole Probe: Is used for the same except it's specifically for weaker skin around the eyes, etc.
  4. Oval Probe: Is for microgroove parts such as corner of eyes, cheeks, nose, etc.

The apparatus has high, medium, and low gears as well as a USB connector for charging. I've really only used the Big, Small, and Oval Probe to get the blackheads out of my nose on the highest setting. I didn't think to take before and after photos (shame on me), but I can definitely tell you that it works just as well as the Biore Pore Strips from the drug store!! The only difference is the suction makes your nose a little red, so I recommend doing this at night when you have nowhere else to go.

The suction literally pulls out the blackheads!! I bet you're wondering; "Where do the blackheads go!? That's so gross!!" Yes, it is gross, but they do stick to a filter that you can take out and replace (they come with a lot)! It also comes with silicon rings just in case the other ones break off the filtering cap.

Overall, I feel that this product is very strange, but cool at the same time! It's quite useful, but doesn't get ALL of the blackheads out. You really have to work rather than using pore strips.I like it because I have the option to do my own microdermabrasion at home without going to an aesthetician. NOTE:  If you do not use this properly, BE PREPARED to have hickeys all over your face. NO LIE.. The important part is to READ the instructions thoroughly before use. If your want to learn more about the apparatus, click here.

I do plan on doing a video update, so stay tuned for that!



Alibele Malaysian Virgin Curly Lace Frontal w/Bundles | Initial Hair Review + 1 Week Update!

I recently reviewed This lovely Malaysian Curly Lace Frontal w/Bundles from Alibele on AliExpress! For all of you how know about AliExpress, you know that this is the Hair Capitol of the WORLD. Sometimes you get AMAZING hair, and sometimes you missed it by a long shot. It's honestly trial and error when finding the perfect company on AliExpress. This is why I STRONGLY consider reading the reviews and looking at review photos before making a purchase such as this. 

Now, I received this hair complimentary for my honest review, so here it goes:

This hair came out of the pack very curly, and it seemed quite thin. I had a lace frontal and 3 bundles, but I was honestly afraid it would not make a full wig. I was pleasantly surprised though as the more I ran my fingers through it after washing it, the thicker the hair got.

It did not to anything crazy after washing it, so that was a plus! I also bleached the lace frontal to ensure that it matched my skin tone, which was also very easy. The hair did not dry out, but I did accidentally get some bleach on some of the root, but that's an easy fix with temporary hair dye!

I spent a few hours making and customizing my unit, applied some göt2b Glued to my hair, slapped on the wig, and it came out like this:

P.S. (Let me know if you want me to make a Lace Frontal Wig Tutorial)!!

I honestly must say that I am impressed with how this unit turned out. I have had many issues in the past with major shedding and matting with Malaysian curly hair, but this one has been very good!

See It in Action!!


I have noticed that this hair loves to be two strand twisted when it's bedtime. I can sleep with it up in a bun, but I found that it flattens out the curls. ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, in the morning, I like to refresh the curls by taking my Kérastase Cleansing Conditioner Curl Idéal and put some in a spray bottle. I then add warm water and shake it up to mix the two, then I spray it all over my hair as I'm running my fingers through it. The shedding is very minimum, too.

After spraying, the curls immediately bounce back! For even more fullness, I take a wide-toothed comb and run through the hair to fluff it out. All-together, this is about a 10-15 minute process depending on how OCD you are about evenness lol.

I also love how natural the lace frontal looks! It really mimics my natural hairline. I do think I sewed it on a little far back, so I do have to tug it forward a bit, but the göt2b Glued really does the trick when it comes to holding it down! Here's how it looks with two buns:

Space Buns!!

Space Buns!!

Space Buns!!

Space Buns!!


Overall, I do have to maintain it daily, especially if I decide to sleep in it, but it's well worth it! I am satisfied with the quality of the hair, and I definitely plan on taking very good care of it! I hope this unit lasts me a long time, and again, I want to thank Alibele for giving me the opportunity to review this hair for you guys! I will keep you in the loop on how it holds up! (I'll also be wearing it in most of my videos 😉). If you're looking for some new hair, definitely check out Alibele, and look around on AliExpress!!

What do you think about this hair? Have you bought any hair on AliExpress? What are your thoughts?

Let us know in the comments BELOW!!