CASELY's Monthly iPhone Cases Will Have You Wanting MORE!

Hey Chicsters!

I am back with a NEW subscription box addiction, and this one is gonna be good...


CASELY is a phone case subscription box that provides you with the latest trendy phone cases without the hassle! Here's an excerpt from their About Me:

"We came together to create Casely because we love the emerging phone case culture, but it's way too expensive & time consuming to find the perfect case. Our team decided to cut out the middle man and began working directly with the manufacturer to test various designs & case materials until we landed on the perfect product."


CASELY was kind enough to send a box for reviewing purposes!


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First off, I LOVE their box design! It's simple, sleek, and to the point. The background faintly shows their motto: "Never Let Your Phone Go Naked," which I absolutely LOVE!

Next up, we have the UNBOXING (Loving this packaging)!

Can't forget about our drinks! ;)


I received the Flamingo Design (Left) on a transparent case. The design is really cute, but I do wish it had a little more going on like a color background or GLITTER! (The raised sides for extra protection is a HUGE bonus, though)!

Here's a close-up of the case (I believe this is in the Bold & Adventurous section)!


I Absolutely ADORE the card insert! I was able to add my own flare to it on Instagram. :)


Classic (Top 2) Bold & Adventurous (Bottom 2)



Here's EVERYTHING you need to know about CASELY!

  • Casely is the ONLY monthly phone case subscription box
  • Build a collection of protective cases (without breaking the bank) to always have the perfect case for any occasion
  • Different Plans: A Monthly Plan (delivering a new case every month), A Seasonal Plan (delivering a new case every 3 months) -- Both plans are $15/month (you can easily skip a month or cancel at anytime)!
  • They also have a 3-month prepaid plan for $14/month (renews every 3 months)!
  • All of their cases are made of hard polycarbonate backing & TPU sides so they extremely durable and protective!
  • You can customize your Casely profile by choosing any of these 3 style options:
    • Classic:  case with marble styles or simple patterns
    • Bold & Adventurous: cases with brighter colors & funkier designs
    • Up for Anything!: both Classic and Bold & Adventurous cases
  • Past subscription styles are sold in CASELY's "Vintage Casely" retail shop; 4 new styles are released each month on the 15th
  • Ships free to US & $10 flat rate to anywhere worldwide
  • Additional device options coming soon!


I think these cases are very stylish! I love changing my phone case, so it's definitely convenient to have a new case shipped to my home every month! Check out CASELY Here!