Day 1-5 BikiniBod Dietary Supplement Review

Recently, I've been looking to remedy my horrible eating habits (not the one you may be thinking of). You may look at my size and assume that I do not eat enough, but it's the exact opposite. I eat way TOO MUCH! 

Have you ever had those recurring thoughts that because you're skinny and your metabolism is obviously in tact since you haven't gained a pound extra from the awful food you eat, that you're set for the next 10 years from exercise and healthy diets? I know I have. But now, that's changed.

I could tell that things were changing from how I felt when I ate - Sick & Bloated. I knew I needed to change and be more strict on myself, then I came across BikiniBod.

BikiniBod is an all natural dietary supplement that helps suppress your hunger while boosting your metabolism and helping your hair, skin, & nails (Yes, it contains biotin, along with other healthy ingredients)!! They also include a blueprint of the workouts you have to do for the week!

So far, it's been 5 days on the supplement, and I feel great! I am extra hyper though and always on the go, but that's okay! I am to review this product up until day 28, where my new results should show in comparison to day 1. 

I have changed everything from exercising more to a "5 small meals a day with snacks" diet! Honestly, I thought this would not be easy, due to me always being hungry, but the supplement completely stopped that, and now I'm only hungry 3 times a day, plus I drink so much more water now!

 I look forward to continuing this review! Keep following me on this journey, and please check out my Day 1 Vlog for BikiniBod!

Interested in trying BikiniBod? Check out their website HERE!

**BikiniBod gave this product complimentary for my honest review!