Sephora Class: Perfectly Paired Lip & Cheek

I had the pleasure of going to the Perfectly Paired Lip & Cheek class at Sephora, and it was a blast!


If you don't already know your complexion when it comes to foundation, they have a Color IQ camera that will give your skin a color IQ and will match you to similar foundations from every brand.

Once a foundation is confirmed, They can now use that to match the perfect lip and cheek colors for you! 


My foundation that I used is Make Up Forever - Mat Velvet+ 70 (This is subject to change in winter), so here are a few products I got paired with:

  • Kat Von D - Studded Kisses Lipstick (Vampira)

  • Nars - Matte Lip Pencil (Walkyrie)

  • Black Up - Blush (NLB 12)


The class portion lasted two hours, and was very informative! Natalie, our teacher, went step by step on how to care for your lips all the way to the finished product! she went in this order:

  1. Exfoliate lips

  2. Moisturize lips

  3. Prime lips

  4. Lip liner

  5. Lipstick/Pencil

  6. Concealer

  7. Blush Techniques

Honestly, I have never achieved the perfect lip I wanted until I went to this class! They not only showed you step by step how to do this things, the also gave alternatives to apply.

Like instead of just applying lipstick straight on, how about using a more precise lip brush? It'll improve accuracy along with pressing the the product into your lip rather than just gliding it on. 

(Hmm.. Never thought about that)! 

What I Learned:

I not only learned what colors go with my complexion, but I learn how to take care of my lips while making them flawless, and using the perfect blush techniques to improve my overall look!

I give this class an A+!


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