Spa Time | Hello Cutie Mud Mask Review

Glam Essentials quotes:

"Living naturally is starting to become a habit. Why shouldn't that spread all the way to the products you use on your face? At Glam Essentials, we've taken that idea to heart. Using only the finest natural ingredients, we've created a mud mask that not only cleans and detoxifies the skin, but also rejuvenates it, leaving you feeling refreshed and maybe just a little younger! The initial tingle is heavenly, but the results will keep you coming back for more!"

I must admit that I do definitely come back for more! This product has a very minty smell, and the tingles open your pores and removes toxins trapped inside. You can tell because by the time the mask dries completely, you can see your pores and all the icky stuff that was drawn out of them (YUCK)! Besides the disturbing thought of seeing huge pores, this mask has done more than any other I've ever used. I definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for some New & Natural! Ingredients include: Charcoal, Hyaluronic  Acid, DMAE Pomegranate, Green Tea.  

Martika Ross