Balmain x Collection Crashes!

The brand new Balmain Paris collection just launched early this morning in H&M stores across the country and online, and has already sold out Completely, thus causing to crash!  I obviously was not able to participate in the fun since there were no items left online other than a few bandeaux and that I do not live near a stand alone H&M store that was holding the early event.  šŸ˜”

From what I'm seeing, a stampede of shoppers have already been putting their new limited edition items on eBay for up to $1,800; but for the right price and the right type of fashion, the right person will buy. Gotta love In-Demand products!

These items have a very futuristic and wealthy feel to them. I feel like anybody who spends a few hundred dollars on this will feel like a million bucks. So Avant-garde; so Chic. 

Here's the video that started it all:

MOST STUNNING goes to...

This Beautiful Sequin-Embroidered Dress in Green.

I can't tell you how much I love this dress and this color! I can honestly see why this sold out, and is going for over twice as much as the original price on eBay! I truly feel like this is one of those dresses I will never get my hands on until years from now where maybe, just MAYBE, someone will want to give this dress up. *sigh*

Sequin-Embroidered Dress $199

Sequin-Embroidered Dress $199

I took a few screenshots to show you the Men & Women's line and what you may possibly find on eBay.

Good luck out there, and happy shopping! 

Until Next Time...