Handmade Luxury Diamond Rabbit iPhone 6plus Case Review

Disclaimer: I've been given this product for free for for my unbiased opinion. This review is 100% honest and my own.


So, I was really excited to get this product in the mail because I thought it was just adorable in the stock photo and had to have it! Stock photos below ⇩

Adorable right? Now, here are the photos of my actual phone case ⇩

Only half as cute now, right? 

I was a little disappointed in the difference from the stock photo. The fur is obviously different, as well as how they glued it down. Plus, the jewels with the fur almost don't look as good as in the stock photos, and seeing the inside with the clear case and glue, just makes it look unappealing (I honestly thought it wrapped around the entire phone).

Now, there are perks: The rabbit fur is so soft, I could just hug it all day, and I like where they were going with the idea!

Overall, The idea is very interesting, I just feel that the entire phone should have either been all jewels or all fur. If one of these options were considered, I'd recommend this product for people looking to make a fashion statement.

Martika Ross