Forever Fused Fruit Infusion Water Bottle Review

This by, by far, has to be the cutest and most effective product I've seen when it comes to water bottles!

You start out by picking one in your favorite color!



Then, you unscrew the bottom and the infuser basket to add the fruit (I chose lemons)!

You then screw everything back together and add my water.

And shake it up!!!!


Interested? Check out Live Infinitely's Website HERE!

You can use any kind of fruit from strawberries to limes. ANYTHING! I really like this product and look forward to mixing up more flavors!

Speaking of mixing up flavors, here are some recipes from the company in case you want to try this bottle out yourself:

βœ…Green Tea+Mint+Lime:

Fat burning, Digestion, Relieves headaches, congestion, and refreshes breath


Immune system protection, Blood sugar regulation, Cardiovascular health, and digestion


Water weigh management, Appetite control, Relieves bloating, Hydration, and Digestion.

I was given this product complimentary in return for my honest review!

What do you think about this bottle?

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