Michael Todd - Charcoal Detox Cleanser 🐧Review🐧

First off I would like to thank the Michael Todd company for giving me the opportunity to review their products! 

I am a HUGE Charcoal Fanatic. You give me anything that incorporates charcoal, I'll most likely take it and run straight home to try it out that very day!

This habit started when I found a charcoal face mask that pulled out all of the dirt in my skin, and you could see it! (Gross, but pretty freaking SWEET)!!

Charcoal is known to be magnetic towards the impurities in your skin. With that being said, I give you:

Michael Todd - Charcoal Detox Cleanser

I have been using this cleanser for a few days, and have already grown attached to it (not just because of the charcoal)!

The gel texture just glides perfectly on your skin, but the very FIRST thing I noticed about this cleanser was the Scent... This thing smells like Lavender!!!!!!! And yes, I was correct - there is lavender oil in this product, as well as tea tree oil. I was immediately hooked. I get to cleanse my face and leave the house smelling like lavender?


The next thing I love is the fact that it melts away my makeup! Why use a makeup remover when you have an all in one? After I removed my makeup, I just cleanse again (the double cleanse), and I'm good!

This product is perfect for acne prone and oily skin types, and for you natural product lovers: It's completely Vegan!!!!! 


I highly recommend this product! If you're interested in purchasing any of their products, you can find them online and at your local Ulta Beauty store!


I received this product complimentary in return for my honest review.