Photography by Carlos Alva   @BlackhillPhotos

Photography by Carlos Alva @BlackhillPhotos


Martika Brianne Ross

Hello! My name is Martika Brianne Ross. I am a outgoing and ambitious college graduate with a HUGE passion for the arts... And Makeup... LOTS OF IT! I am an Orchestra Trombonist, a professional model, a YouTuber, and I  also own this lovely blog, Peace Love Chic!

My goal is to create an environment where we can share, create, and grow as a community, and I strongly believe that Peace. Love. Chic. is just that place. Here, everyone can learn about the latest tips and trends and even share their own tips! You'll get the best DIY's and How-To tutorials for outfits, hair, makeup, home, and much more! Don't forget about the "Must Go To's", "Where to Eat', Health, Fitness, and Lifestyle tips (Find it all here)! My utmost favorite, and to me, most important posts are honest product reviews! If we've tried it, we definitely have something to say about it!

 Photography by Carlos Alva   @BlackhillPhotos

Photography by Carlos Alva @BlackhillPhotos


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